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Zurakiel Ketseuki is an elite member of the Dominion of Kyloto, as one of its Oka Eritoshin.



Unlike most Kyloteans from the Makai Clan, Zurakiel is huge in size and muscle mass. He has four horns on his forehead, and two at the back. He wears a brown belt across his chest, which is notably scarred. He has a fish scale tattoo across the left side of his face. Zurakel's fangs are notably longer in size than that of the regular Kylotean.


Zurakiel is revered for his dark bloodlust and rampaging nature. Despite looking notably dimwitted and angered, he is very keen, insightful and intellectual. He is also a combat pragmatist, and has a diverse knowledge of various fighting moves.

Abilities and Gear


  • Salt Manipulation
    • ​Salt Combat
    • Wound-Based Burning Inducement
    • Salt Armamanet
    • Full Body Ignition
    • Blinding Inducement
  • Sheer Force
  • Fire Manipulation
    • Heat Aura

Physical Abilities

  • Sheer Brute Strength
  • Supernatural Leap


  • Kanabō


  • Fighting Move Intuition
  • Combat Pragmatism