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Zolt Gorban was the last Warden of Ludlow Penitentiary in Novalia before its closure. He later transferred to Prison Island Cuervos, in Canorica, but was later imprisoned there.



Gorban was in charge of Ludlow Penitentiary when Hardware Quadroceptus (under the guise of Crowned), Bastille Rankol and Sinbad Gualock were in jail. He attempted to foil their escape plans, but only managed to stop half of the escapees, who were executed.

When Hardware became King of Novalia, the prison was ordered to be shut down and its prisoners released, repurposing the jail as an anti-Quadroceptus detention center. Gorban was soon transferred to Prison Island Cuervos as Head Jailer, but was later placed in a cell himself for murdering its inmates, which was against their policy.


Zolt is a tall, bulky individual who wears a black, collared and buttoned up military jacket. His hat possesses two large red horns. His hat's bill is also low, covering his forehead.


Zolt is considered to be very savage and cruel to prisoners. He detests escapees, often killing those caught with extreme prejudice.

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