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Zeo Miasmoras is an Admiral in the Royal Kratonian Military. He is secretly the apprentice of the age-old warlock, Azoth.



Zeo is a tall man with blue skin, and possesses Kratonian gills on the sides of his neck. A dorsal fin also protrudes from his back, and he possesses a short tail. Zeo's defining trait is the five large whiskers that cover his mouth, and the retractable fin on his head. He has several patterns tattooed to his chest, and has a large gash on his right breast. He has black hair that is almost always tied into a tail. He has the R.K.M insignia tattooed across his back.

As an Admiral, Zeo typically wears a white coat with the R.K.M's insignia on the back, which is attached to his uniform by epaulettes. He wears a grey sleeveless suit with a dark blue shirt beneath, and wears a yellow tie. He also wears a necklace bearing the Mark of Azoth.


Abilities and Gear


  • Magic Power Manipulation
    • Energy Ball Creation
      • Explosive Energy Ball Creation
    • Energy Blade Creation
      • Energy Spear Creation
      • Energy Shard Creation
    • Energy Beam
      • Straight Energy Beam
    • Limited Spatial Rending
  • Water Manipulation

Physical Abilities