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Yoru is a very tall and broad man. He has a very large black beard, and has one of his wings shredded, caused in an unknown injury. He has three horns on his forehead, and wears a large helmet possessing a large horsehair crest running across it. The dome on his helmet is green in colour, while the plates on the front and side are gold. The helmet has two large horns stretching out from either side.

Yoru wears a full set of armour, which features a set of pauldrons of which a white cape is connected to, as well as a thick, black and grey checkered chest plate. His belt possesses two sheathes for his swords. He has a large scar across his left eye. He has a metal plate on the left side of his lower jaw.


Abilities and Gear


  • Fire Manipulation
    • Pyrokinetic Combat
    • Heat Manipulation
      • Heat Breath
        • ​Atomic Breath
      • Heat Infusion
      • Heat Ball Projection
      • Microwave Aura
      • Heat Ball Projection
      • Solar Ray Empowerment
      • Heat Beam Emission
  • Aura Manipulation
    • Aura Generation​
    • Expanded Presence
      • ​Energetic Pressure

Physical Abilities

  • Limb Multiplication
    • ​Inanimate Object Multiplication


  • Hyaku / Hundred
  • Sen Senkai / Thousand Whirl


  • Spinning-Based Twister Creation
    • ​Flame Tornado Generation