Werlock Ryusei

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Werlock Ryusei is the current Captain of the Royal Guard of Kyloto. He is a known Half-Vampire.



In his early life, Werlock was attacked by a Vampire. After managing to resist the Vampire to some degree, they began cursing him, in an attempt to turn him into one as well, but he managed to fight them off, cutting their chest open before fleeing. The experience forever left him as a Half-Vampire.

Some years later, he was involved in a mass slaughter in Baise where the victims had their blood sucked dry. His strength and influence, combined with his wealth, managed to gain the attention of Shen Gikoku. Werlock swore his allegiance to Shen and enlisted his family as one of the nine influentials in his Dominion.

During Shen's Military Draft, Werlock became aware that the Kazoku were to be abolished. As one of the most loyal of the Kazoku, Werlock was offered to become the Captain of the new Royal Guard, and was tasked with eliminating those of the Kazoku and other influential lords that voted to keep the system, to oust potential traitors.

Werlock later entrusted his home, Ryusei Manor, to the Oka Eritoshin, becoming their official base of operations.


As a typical member of the Cymbal Clan, Werlock has grey skin and possesses spike protrusions on top of his shoulders. He bears a pair of large wings that are usually seen folded up. He has fur around his neck, and possesses black hair that nearly covers his right eye. Werlock has a large tattoo on his chest depicting a bonsai tree. He also bears a scar across his left cheek. Unlike the other members of his family, he has narrow eyes.

Werlock wears a white trench coat, which has a furred, dark turquoise left collar. His coat is held up with a dark turquoise belt. He also wears a black cloak. He wears a pair of silver gauntlets. He also wears a scabbard with his sword usually sheathed inside it. He wears a pair of baggy dogi trousers.


Werlock is noted to be rather stoic. He often speaks respectfully, to both enemies and allies alike. He is often see as cold-hearted, sometimes being compared to Oran Mandarin in terms of their similar nature.

Werlock believes in a rather complex form of fate, believing that, while fate exists, there is also balance, and that balance is the cause of fortune and misfortune in regards to fate. He is a believer in pantheism, and is often seen "conversing" with his sword.

Abilities and Gear


  • Vampirization
  • Inner Blood Manipulation
  • Blood Armour

Physical Abilities

  • Vampirism
    • Enhanced Agility
    • Enhanced Speed
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced Senses
    • Enhanced Durability
    • Flight
    • Fang Retraction
      • Enhanced Bite
    • Blood Consumption
    • Supernatural Survivability
    • Regenerative Healing Factor
    • ​Blood Doping


  • Shiro Todoroki/"Castle Roar"
  • Iron Claws
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