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Voran Sicarius is an eternal Asterian who currently acts as the owner of Solera Hotel & Cabaret, and as Chairman of the Underground. 


Early Life

Voran was born in northern Asteria prior to its organisation into one sovereign state. His parents died when he was young, and Voran was forced onto the street. He became fascinated by alchemy after reading a discarded scroll. He began to pursue knowledge for its own sake, and after realising that his village had limited resources, he ventured to Runisia, where he trained to become adept in several fields of magic and alchemy. He however found Runisia to be limiting due to their strict laws on the use of magic.

Elixir of Life

Runisia's strict magic laws prompted Voran to make the dangerous journey to Zoroaster. It was in Zoroaster that Voran met Phade, another aspiring magician. They both became fascinated by the concept of eternal life, and after many years of enthusiastic research, they created the Elixir of Life. Voran tested the elixir on mayflies, as it wouldn't take long for them to see if the elixir had worked. The mayflies lived past their life expectancy, and Voran and Phade celebrated, having created the elixir. They both then tested the elixir on themselves.

The Golden War

The Eternal

A few months passed, and, to Voran's dismay, some of the mayflies began to die, making him realise that the elixir was incomplete, and they had not truly discovered eternal life. Voran however became obsessed with completing the formula, putting him at further odds with Phade, who decided to leave Voran to his own devices. Shortly after, Voran completed the formula, and made an elixir that would give him truly eternal life. He tested this once again on the mayflies, and himself, making himself eternal. 

Becoming Chairman

At some point under a new identity, Voran became a mere lacky to Balog Kovak, head of the Kovak crime family, and at the time, chairman of the Underground. Voran was noticed when he severely reduced profit loss in Kovak's organisations, and ultimately made all organisations in the Underground much richer. This made him very popular among Underground crime groups, but caused a rift between him and Kovak. Voran turned this to his advantage by staging a failed assassination attempt on his own life, with the assassin being, "sent by Kovak." The Kovak crime family was then attacked by all other Underground groups and Kovak himself was murdered in the process. Voran was then immediately voted to be the replacement Chairman, and given Solera, the Kovak primary business.


Voran has neatly combed medium length that covers his Asterian horns. His hair is black and he has pale blue eyes. Voran wears a black tuxedo with a purple waistcoat and a black cravate. Over that he wears a black long overcoat with a purple fur lapel. He is often seen wearing a top hat and carrying his dress cane.


In his early years, Voran was an ambitious academic who pursued knowledge for knowledge's sake. He had a great desire to push the boundaries of alchemical knowledge, as made evident by his attempts to create an Elixir of Life. Over the centuries, his appreciation for his own life has increased, resulting in a desire to live well by indulging in the finer things in life. This hedonistic approach to life has developed to extreme levels, and he is now purely motivated by the persuit of pleasure and amusement, regardless of what he may have once percieved to be right and wrong. [to be expanded]

Abilities and Gear


  • Bio-Magic
    • Shapeshifting - Voran can take almost any form, providing it is not significantly larger than himself. 
    • Healing - Voran has mastered the ability to heal wounds, even being able to do so without leaving a scar. This magic can be extended to illnesses, which has allowed him to provide "miracles" for people in exchange for favours.  
    • Blood Magic
      • Contract Bestowal - Voran has the power to make contracts which, if unfulfilled will put the person dealing with Voran under his control. Every deal he makes will be written on enchanted paper, which when signed by the recipient (in blood), will initiate the agreement. The signer is then bound by the contract and should they fail to live up to their side of the bargain, Voran will assume full control over the signer using blood magic. 
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Mental Magic
    • Illusion Generation 
    • Mind Reading
    • Emotion Detection
    • Telekinesis
  • ​Elemental Mastery
    • ​Fire Manipulation
    • Ice Manipulation
    • Earth Manipulation
    • Air Manipulation
    • (Mystical) Darkness Manipulation
    • (Mystical) Light Manipulation
  • ​Enchantment Magic
  • Transmutation - Voran is able to convert one material into another, and even change its shape. 
  • Creation Magic
    • Conjuration - Voran is able to conjure up basic objects, often theatrically using his hat to do so. This may include weapons, typically small throwing knives. 
  • Teleportation - Voran is able to teleport from different locations in the blink of an eye.


  • Astra MG5 - The Astra MG5 is Voran's engraved personal pistol. It is based on the FN Browning M1900.
  • Weaponised Dress Cane - Voran's dress cane is comprised of painted black steel and a saphire crystal end. It contains an inbuilt shotgun and several useful foldout gadgets.
  • Throwing Knives
  • Fountain Pen


  • Economics - Voran is incredibly careful with money, and ensures that if profit is lost, it will be gained back and doubled one way or another. 
  • Multilingualism - Over his long life, Voran has learnt many languages.
  • Weapon Proficiency
  • Pressure Point intuition
  • Martial Arts Intuition
  • Alchemy - Voran was able to create the elixir of life.