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"If peace means allowing a guilty man to walk free, then I must embrace war." - Wolf at the Canorican-Tythanian border outpost meeting.

Vladimir Wolf is the leftist revolutionary who started a revolution against Ivanovich Ketrov's Ineffective government.


Early Years and the Civil War

Wolf grew up in a common household, and had a promising academic future ahead of him. He was accepted into a university in Promethia, but was forced to leave his family behind in the process. He spent two years at the university studying law, but he was swiftly kicked out after he failed to pay the fees for the second year. He was forced into the job system, where he was subjected to working in the mines owned by an exploitive private company. He was soon kicked out of the job for complaining to the manager about unfair pay. He was then forced to join the army, where he taught himself magic, and learned to use weapons. He was kicked out of the army for refusing to protect a rich aristocrat from striking workers. After a series of jobs, Wolf returned home to Ketrogral, at the age of 27, where he saw that conditions had worsened in his hometown. He quickly deduced that Ivanovich Ketrov was funding John Curtis' army expansion by drawing money out of eastern Tythan. Due to lack of food and cheap healthcare, Wolf's family had died of malnutrition and illness. Wolf then began to preach the ideals of a better world to the people of his hometown, and they soon rallied behind him. He managed to get Tythanian soldiers within his town to abandon their alleigence to Ketrov and join his cause. His rally was used to attack the houses of rich aristocrats, and take their money and wealth to fund their new group. At the age of 29, he gained enough support to essentially invade Ketrogral. He had all the rich businessmen rounded up and shot in protest of their exploitive nature. This act sparked the civil war.


Wolf wears a long dark blue over coat with a furred lapel. Underneath he wears a typical black military tunic. He has bleached white hair that is slicked back and a rough beard. Being Tythanian, he is considerable tall at 1.9 metres high.


Wolf is a brilliant military strategist and has a good work ethic. He is a very serious person, and he has a strong code of honour. Despite this however, he is ruthless when it comes to defending his cause. He has zero tolerance for failure.

Abilities and Gear


  • Iron Manipulation - Wolf has the ability to manipulate iron which proves useful in dismantling enemy equipment.
  • Ice Manipulation - Wolf can manipulate ice and water. Using this he can make ice constructs, cause blizzards and lower the surrounding temperature of an area. 

Physical Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength - Wolf has immense strength and is able to break the average person's neck with one hand.