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The Vittorian Mafia is a crime family that has acquired de facto control over the Levian province of Vittori. It is a subsidary of the Underground.


Pact with the Underground

Upon their foundation, the Vittorian Mafia and its leader struggled with the law enforcement, who had been fleshed out and well-funded under Retaliak's Police State. Prior to the war, Costello had realised his days were numbered, and that he would soon likely be arrested and executed. It was at this point that the Mafia made a pact with the Underground (who had some level of control over the Vittorian Police Force). Following the pact, the police allowed the Mafia and Costello to continue their activities without disturbance, providing it was not too public. 

Regional Dominance

With the outbreak of the war, the Levian Central Government's grip over the provinces had slipped. This allowed the Vittorian Mafia to fill the power vacuum in the province of Vittori, and gain influence in a variety of provincial agencies and organisations.