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Vincolo is a small country comprised of two islands located in Somnus. It is known for being highly wealthy and with "regal" and "refined" architecture. It is famed for its special Vincolian Silver, which is far more durable than regular silver.



Vincolo's government is determined by is Sovereign, its Priest and its Six Warlords. The Sovereign is the absolute ruler of the two islands. The Priest serves as the Sovereign's right hand and is both his or her advisor, and as a prophet of sorts to the people.

The Six Warlords are six commanding figures that stand above the overall might of the Vincolian armies. The Warlords are chosen based on both their intelligence, capacity as commanders, and overall strength.

Vincolo also has a Senate, which serves as both the overarching governmental backbone to the country, as well as its court. The Senate is overseen by a Chancellor, while the courts are judged by the Chief Prosecutors of the Left and Right.

Sovereign of Vincolo
Phazorus Rezfarda
Crown Prince of Vincolo
Rourke Rezfarda
Priest of Vincolo
Thrandark Rosario
Six Warlords
Valerian Olybrius Cato Avitus Justine Romanus
Aurelian Byzantine Otho Domitian Pertinax Commodus
Luigi Verdino
Chief Prosecutor of the Left Chief Prosecutor of the Right
Gaspare Carpaccio Stefano Lindocruz
Vault Keeper
Alaric Sargon


Native Race

Vincolians typically have blue skin, with a black tint on their arms and legs, although some cases possess fully black limbs. They possess black marks on their face, usually below the eyes. They typically have dark hair. They have decelerated aging, meaning they live typically older than most other races. The oldest known Vincolian to date, excluding the sage Phade, was aged 204 at death.

It is known for Vincolian females to be born with orange-red hair, though this condition is rare, and often considered a bad omen.

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