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Venland is an isolationist country that is north of Canorica. It is known for its technological and magical prowess. Due to their expertese in the fields of technology and magic, they have been able to combine the two to form infinite energy generators which have proven useful in providing power to their cities.



The Isles of Venland were originally split up into separate kingdoms and city states. However, they were united by the state of Vorshire under the leadership of King Edward Visarion I who decided to make Savorden the capital. Initially there was relative stability but the Visarion family was overthrown by a rival house. A period of unrest was created as several families. The country was then once again united under the young Nearan Visarion, who would prove himself as a leader once again during the Compendium war. 

Colonial Past

At one point, Venland held sovereignty over Canorica, Novalia, Parcia, Tythan, Asteria and Kratonia. In Novalia however, a young boy was arrested taken into custody by the Venlish State Intelligence Service as he was suspected to be involved in a terrorist plot. Many campaigned for the boy's release, and Venlish soldiers were ordered directly to open fire on anyone who could assist the boy's escape by Kalir Visarion, the emperor at the time. As a result, people who had marched outside of the facility in which the boy was held were shot at, and 16 were killed, sparking the Novalian war for independence. Due to ecenomic restraints at the time, Venland had to pull out of the war, and Novalia became an independent state. When Toranican Visarion took over after Kalir's death, all colonies were given self-determination and as a result, were all released, disbanding the Venlish Empire.

War with Canorica

Tensions between Canorica and Venland had increased during Roarak's reign, as he had begun a new stage of scientific progress, which had resulted in an increase in their weapons technology and the creation of the Infinity Generator. The Infinity Generator was able to contain pure magic, and convert it into electric energy at a constant rate. The magic energy was used in small quantities so it could replenish, which meant the electrical energy produced was infinite. This technology scared other countries and tensions increased with Canorica. The Canorican President, John Curtis demanded that Venland hand over all of the Infinity Generators, in which they immediately refused. Curtis used the tension to gain support for a full scale invasion of Venland. Venlish Secret Intelligence Service (VSIS) agents discovered the Canorican plan to invade Venland and also discovered that they were being funded by several other countries. They quickly began to increase funds into their own army, which caused the situation to spin further out of control, and Canorica invaded with 600 ships and ransacked the coast. Roarak ordered that all Infinity Generators be scrapped to make their war pointless. This however only angered Curtis, who ordered a complete invasion of the Venlish mainland. Savorden was soon invaded, and the last line of defense resisted Canorican forces around the King's palace. Roarak however issued an unconditional surrender, but he was executed without trial. Cetera, Luther and Ruselt Visarion however had escaped the palace using the emergency tunnels. Canorican forces remained in Venland, governing the Venlish people while still searching for any possible schematic of the Infinity Generator.



The Venlish constitution consists of the monarch, and the parliament. The Parliament contains 300 seats, and the amount of seats a single party has is proportional to the amount of votes. This often results in coalition governments that, under the guidance of the monarch, work together. The Prime Minister of the parliament is often the head of the party with the most seats. 

Parliament have the power to pass laws and control taxes. They're responsible for the administration of the country. The monarch has the power to veto parliament's decision. Parliament in turn can repeal the monarch's veto, providing 200 Members of Parliament out of 300 agree.



The Venlish land forces were fairly small in comparison to other countries, but they were well equipped and exceptionally well trained. Their army comprised of:

  • 150,000 Soldiers (4,000 of which are field mages)
  • 15,000 Special Forces
  • 25 Heavy tanks (125 personel)
  • 60 Light tanks (180 personel)
  • 100 Armoured Turreted Vehicles (300 personel)
  • 500 Long Range Artillery Guns (1,000 personel)
  • 166,605 army personel in total.


The Venlish Navy was the biggest navy in the world at the time due to the fact Venland had ships left over from its colonial days. As a result, Venland kept its navy to pay homage to its history. Its navy consisted of:

  • 70 Updated Dreadnoughts (42,000 personel)
  • VMS Kalir (600 personel)
  • 60 Armoured Venlish Destroyers (48,000 personel)
  • 70 Light Venlish Destroyers (49,000 personel)
  • 450 Gunboats (4,500 personel)
  • 30 Submarines (600 personel)
  • 144,700 Navy personel 
  • Other older navy ships

Air Force

Venland was one of the only countries with an air force with planes at the time, and its planes were fairly frail, but due to the lack of anti-aircraft technology, planes could fly by untouched. They did however possess a wide array of airships, all with the capability of dropping bombs. The ships themselves however were filled with non-flamable helium to prevent inevitable disaster.

  • 20 Prototype Bombers (20 Pilots)
  • 10 Carrier Planes (20 Pilots)
  • 100 Lesser Airships (5,000 personel)
  • 50 Greater Airships (5,000 personel)
  • 50 Armoured Airships (10,000 personel)
  • 5 Elite Airships (1,000 personel)
  • VMAS Headway (500 personel)
  • 40 Pilots (30 reserves)
  • 21,570 Airship Crew in total

List of Monarchs

The Unification Period

Name House Reign Status Notes
Edward I Visarion 50 BC - 40 BC Deceased - Natural Causes
  • Edward was responsible for the unification of Venland. 
  • After his death, his son, John Visarion would be beaten to the throne by rival houses. The houses of Godfrey and Magnus had conspired to take the throne for themselves. 
Albert I  Godfrey 40 BC - 37 BC Deceased - Beheaded by the Magnus family.
  • Albert took the throne for House Godfrey, and betrayed house Magnus.
  • Albert  was deeply unpopular.
  • It was not hard for another family to gain support to overthrow him.
George I Magnus 37 BC - 30 BC Deceased - Beheaded by the Godfrey family.
  • George I was able to aquire an army by taking advantage of Albert I's unpopularity.
  • George however proved to be incompetant, giving cause for another Godfrey claimant.

Albert II

Godfrey 30 BC - 21 BC Deceased - Stress related aneurysm. 
  • Albert II had ensured that the Magnus family was weakened in order to prevent another uprising.
  • His reign however proved not to be stable, as some of the states that Edward I had unified were begining to secede. 
John I  Reddon 21 BC - 15 BC  Deceased - Executed by the Visarion family after refusing to abdicate.
  • John I claimed the throne immediately after Albert II's death. John I satisfied the nobility with grants and power, allowing him to keep the Crown.
  • However, this meant the people were often neglected, and many individual states in Venland began to rebel.
  • Edward II took advantage of this, and gave the people a house to rally behind. John was then overthrown, and the Visarions were returned to power. 
Edward II Visarion  15 BC - 7 BC Deceased - Fell from a balcony.
  • Edward II returned Venland to it's former unified self under a Visarion sigil. 
  • Edward II created a law stating that the crown is a hereditiary position. He died shortly after under suspicious circumstances. 

Nearan I

"Nearan the Unforgiving"

Visarion  7 BC - 40 AC Deceased - Natural Causes
  • Had the heads of House Magnus and House Godfrey burnt, despite that years had passed sicne their insurrection.
  • Formed the Early Venlish Empire by invading northern areas in the mainland of Helios. 
  • Successfully defeated Kyloto in the Compendium War, and made Venland a world power. 
  • He lived an abnormally long life for the time. (65 years).

The Rise the First Venlish Empire

Name House Reign Status Notes
Thomas I Visarion 40 AC - 52 AC Deceased - Natural Causes
  • King Thomas was very popular due to the unpopularity of his father, Nearan. 
  • He spent his reign correcting the wrongs done by his father. 
George II Visarion 52 AC - 73 AC Deceased - Stroke
  • King George II began the trend of opressing the aquire Kingdoms in Canorica, Parcia and Tythan.
Edward III Visarion 73 AC - 100 AC Deceased - Natural Causes
  • Continued the trend of exploiting the colonies. Overtime, the colonies began to develop their own national identities. 
James I Visarion  100 AC - 127 AC Deceased - Arsenic poisoning.
  • James I was a good peacetime leader, but failed in all things related to the military. Several uprisings in Canorica broke out, and James granted the Canoricans' wishes in order to prevent more rebellion.
  • This is what lead to his murder, as the farseeing Helena Visarion, sister of James' son, Albert, knew full well that Kyloto was ready for war. 

Helena I

"Helena the Great"

Visarion 127 AC  - 149 AC Deceased - Natural Causes
  • Helena had used privately hired guards to kill James I and his son (her brother) making her the first in line for the throne.
  • She was the first Queen of Venland, and first Empress of the Early Venlish Empire.
  • She oversaw Venlish victory during the Payback War, and cemented Venland's role as a world power.
  • Being a woman, she would be forced to give up the Visarion name in marriage. However, to ensure that the Visarion name remain constant in the royal family, she passed a law stating that the Visarion name will always take presidence, (unless the current Monarch says otherwise).
  • After the war, her legitimacy was questioned due to the suspicious murders of James I and his son. She however died of natural causes before a case could be made against her. 
Nearan II Visarion  149 AC - 179 AC Deceased - Natural Causes
  • Nearan II followed in his mother's example by ruling in the same manner. This lead to a period of great stability.
Thomas II Visarion 179 AC - 210 AC Deceased - Natural Causes
  • Oversaw a period of great stability.
Albert III Visarion  210 AC - 250 AC Deceased - Natural Causes
  • Oversaw a period of great stability.
Albert IV Visarion 

250 AC - 289 AC

Deceased - Natural Causes
  • Oversaw a period of great stability.

Collapse of the First Venlish Empire

Name House Reign Status Notes
Thomas III Visarion 289 AC - 301 AC Deceased - Stabbed to death by an assasin.
  • Thomas increased taxes on the Canorican, Parcian and Tythanian colonies.
  • Uprisings in these areas increase. Canorica send assassins to kill the Emperor. 
James II  Visarion 

301 AC 

(January - March)

Deceased - Killed at the battle of Ironhall.
  • James leads an army into Canorica to take back control.
  • He is killed at the Battle of Ironhall.
  • Only the northern areas of Canorica and Parcia remain within the Empire.

George III 

"George the Deciever"

Visarion  301 AC - 330 AC Deceased - Killed by a Tythanian field mage.
  • George met with the three rebel leaders in Ironhall and they came to a compromise. The Northern areas of Canorica and Parcia would remain within the Empire, but everywhere else was free to govern.
  • He used this time of peace to build up his armies, and quickly take back the rest of Canorica and Parcia. He had the rebel leaders executed. 
  • He however failed to take back Tythan which remained independent for some time. 
  • He was killed by a Tythanian field mage who fired an icicle into his chest during the campaign.
  • His reign is considered mostly a success.
Henry I  Visarion

330 AC - 335 AC

Deceased - Illness
  • Henry was successful at maintaining the current empire. However, his early death resulted in his infant son becoming king. His son was only 9 years old.
Henry II Visarion 335 AC - 341 AC Deceased - Stress related illness
  • Henry was dominated by advisors due to his young age. The advisors however proved to be useless, as Tythanian rebels began to liberate areas in eastern Canorica. 
James III Visarion  341 AC - 350 AC Deceased - Natural Causes
  • James III was the brother of Henry I.
  • James won several battles in Canorica to slow the advance of the Tythanian liberators. A temporary truce had been reached as both sides were sick of the bloodshed. 
Mary I  Visarion  350 AC - 365 AC Deceased - Tuberculosis
  • Venland was suffering an economic depression as a result of the war, and Mary decided to make peace with the the colonies. She allowed Parcia, Tythan and Canorica their independence, in exchange for regular economic stimulus. 
  • This cleverly allowed Venland to return it's economy to normal after years of bloodshed. 

The Age of Isolation

Name House Reign Status Notes

Albert V

Visarion 365 AC - 387 AC Deceased - Natural Causes
  • Albert V oversaw a prosperous period in which new ways of farming were developed. 
John II Visarion 387 AC - 400 AC Deceased - Natural Causes
  • John II oversaw a period of great stability.
Ruselt I Visarion 400 AC - 450 AC Deceased - Natural Causes
  • Ruselt I oversaw a period of great stability. 
  • Before his death, he also expressed a desire to reclaim the colonies.
Lucas I Visarion 450 AC - 464 AC Deceased - Heart Attack
  • Lucas raised taxes in order to fund his gluttonous lifestyle. 
  • He died of a heart attack, which has been linked to his diet.
  • At the time of his death, a rebellion had formed in the South-West of Venland.
Lucas II Visarion  464 AC - 490 AC Deceased - Killed in a battle with Edward IV's forces.
  • Lucus II's army was defeated by the rebellion. Lucus' brother, Edward becomes a figurehead for the rebellion. The First Venlish Civil War begins between two factions of the Visarion family.
Edward IV Visarion 490 AC - 500 AC Deceased - Natural Causes
  • Even though Edward IV united the country, he wasn't popular in a lot of the country, as he was seen to have used the rebellion as an excuse to usurp his brother. 
Thomas IV Visarion 500 AC - 520 AC Deceased - Natural Causes
  • Thomas IV oversaw a war with the Kingdom of Parcia. Parcia had seen an advantage in the instability of Venland, and had tried to invade, in order to expand it's own territory.
  • Thomas IV defeated the Parcian navy on the channel, against the odds. 
  • In fear of Venland invading Parcia, Parcia increased their payments to Venland.
George IV Visarion  520 AC - 529 AC Deceased - Illness
  • George IV's early death landed an infant King on the throne, who was just 11 years of age. 
  • As the last infant king was a disaster, a regent was installed. (A regent from a different house entirely)


Stanford 529 AC - 536 AC  Deceased - Drowned
  • The Regent Myron tried to have himself legitmised as a true King near the end of his reign. This proved to be a mistake, as the young heir of George IV, Teran came of age. 
  • Teran had Myron imprisoned, and he would later be drowned in a barrel of water. 

Teran I

"Teran the Terrible"

Visarion 536 AC - 551 Deceased - Seizure
  • Teran's reign began very successfully, although due to a degenerative mental disorder, his actions became more and more irrational.
  • Teran used his personal guard as a network of spies, in order to see which nobles were conspiring against them. He told each spy that if they didn't find at least one traitor, they would be tried as traitors as well. This prompted many of them to report false traitors (much to Teran's amusement).
  • It got to a stage where Teran would have random people selected and executed for amusement.
George V Visarion 551 AC - 600 Deceased - Natural Causes
  • George V was a close cousin to Teran I and inherited the throne at the age of 5. He ruled for 49 years. 

The Rise of the Second Venlish Empire

Name House Reign Status Notes


Visarion 1000

The Dissolution of the Second Venlish Empire

Name House Reign Status Notes

Kalir I 

"Kalir the Tyrant"

Visarion 1112 AC - 1160 AC  Deceased - Brain haemorrhage.
  • Kalir witnessed the war with Novalia over independence, and was pressed by advisors to sign the declaration. The war, having begun early into his reign, made him constantly paranoid of the other colonies, and as a result, they were heavily oppressed. 
Toranican I Visarion  1160 AC April 26th - 1205 AC August 19th Deceased - Stroke
  • Toranican started the legal dissolution of the Empire, and allowed the colonies the right to govern themselves.

The Fall of Venland

Name House Reign Status Notes

Roarak I

Visarion 1205 AC - 1215 AC  Deceased - Executed
  • Began an isolationist phase which prompted anger among countries wishing to trade with Venland.
  • Oversaw the creation of the Infinity Generator, earning the envy of the Canorican government. 
  • Six Years' War begins. 
    The Allied Nations successfully invade Venland, and Roarak is executed. 


Native Race

Venlish people tend to have a pale or white complexion, which can vary in shades. They can have any eye colour, including purple, yellow, and even black. Most of the time, their iris' will glow due to their correlation with magic.