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The Tythanian Civil War is an ongoing conflict between the communist east, and the capitalist west.


  • Ivanovich Ketrov pulls Tythan into a war with Venland.
  • Funds are pulled from the eastern areas of Tythan to help with the war effort.
  • Vladimir Wolf starts an uprising in Ketrogral and accumulates an army.
  • Vladimir Wolf ambushes the city guard, and takes over Ketrogral.
  • Vladimir Wolf has other towns in the eastern Tythan area seized, with 150,000 rebels remaining in Ketrogral.
  • Ketrov pulls Tythanian forcers out of Tythan to face Wolf in Ketrogral


  • 200,000 Government soldiers march towards Ketrogral to face 150,000 rebels.
  • Fighting ensues resulting in the death of 15,000 Government soldiers, and 4,000 rebels.
  • Government forces retreat and set up a defensive line, stopping the marching rebels.
  • The Government soldiers are at 185,000 men strong, and the rebels are at 200,000 due to an efficient recruitment drive.
  • A stalemate lasts for several months before Wolf conducts an operation which causes the defensive line to scatter and retreat.
  • The Government loses 55,000 troops and the rebels lose 50,000 troops.
  • 80,000 Government soldiers are unable to retreat and are encircled. 75,000 opted to join the rebellion as they were merely serving Ketrov through obligation as opposed to loyalty. The remaining 5,000 encircled soldiers either managed to flee, or were slaughtered. The rebels ended up with 225,000 soldiers.
  • The remaining 45,000 Government soldiers are ordered to retreat to the city of Hadengral and assist the city guard.
  • The rebels successfully take the small town of Ketz.
  • The rebels take various outposts east of Hadengral.
  • Wolf uses heavy artillery fire to take down the City wall, killing 1,000 Government soldiers in the process. Once the wall is taken down, he quickly secures the city, prompting the remaining government forces to surrender and defect. 2,000 Government soldiers, of whom were loyal to Ketrov, fled west to defend Promethia. Wolf lost 500 soldiers in the enemy mortar bombardment but gained 42,000 defected soldiers.
  • General Rachev, Head of the City Guard in Hadengral, is personally executed by Wolf.
  • After Hadengral, Wolf's army had been bolstered to 266,500 men. 
  • He keeps 166,500 men behind, and marches with 100,000 men towards Promethia.
  • Wolf appeals to the war-weariness of the soldiers, prompting some of the Promethian guard to surrender. Though some defect immediately to Wolf's side, some remain to defend the city. Those who remain are quickly dispatched by an artillery volley. Wolf's tanks move in to secure key strategic points around the city.
  • Ketrov sends a telegram to the Canorican congress which contains a pro-Curtis majority.
  • Ketrov is arrested and placed under house arrest.


  • Ketrov's telegram to the Canorican congress has sewn the seeds for a potential Canorican-Tythanian conflict, unless Joshua Andrews is able to diffuse it.