Tythan is a country located in the far north of Helios. It is currently a communist nation, as a result of Vladimir Wolf's victory in the country's civil war.



Wolf very much operates under the same system as Cercyon, with the economy being under the complete control of the state.



  • 200,000 Soldiers
  • 80,000 Field Mages
  • 5,000 Elite Guards
  • 5,000 Special Forces
  • 150 Superheavy Tanks (750 personnel)
  • 2,000 Heavy Snow Tanks (10,000 personnel)
  • 5,000 Light Snow Tanks (10,000 personnel)
  • 10,000 Turretted Vehicles (30,000 personnel)
  • 40,000 Long Range Artillery Guns (80,000 personnel)
  • 420,750 personnel in total. 


Air Force


Native Race

Tythanians have a normal human appearence with the exception of their increased height. They tend to be atleast 1.9 metres high.

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