Tylian Visarion is the deceased wife of Roarak Visarion.


Early Life

As Tylian was growing up, her father had developed a mental disorder that his grandfather had had before him. As a result, the term "Hellfyre syndrome" was coined as the disorder was made more public. The disorder resulted in antisocial and psychopathic behavior which alienated her father from the family. Roarak took pity on her and they quickly became close friends who married eachother years later.


Tylian had developed a mysterious illness and she knew her days were numbered. On her death bed, she warned Cetera of Luther and Ruselt's liklihood in developing Hellfyre syndrome as it skipped her generation. She eventually died fromt he illness at the peak of the Canorican war with Venland.


Tylian had long black hair that she would hang loose. She had pale skin, and bright red eyes. Most of her traits were passed down to Luther.