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Tylian Visarion is the deceased wife of Roarak Visarion.


Deal with Voran

While heavily pregnant with both Ruselt and Luther, Tylian was targetted by an assassin. As the assassin came close to killing her, Voran made a deal with her. He would save her life in exchange for two favours (one for each of the children he was also saving). The first thing he requested was an object from the Hillfyre family vaults. The second was that Luther and Ruselt be subject to an experimental drug. Keen to save her children and after being reassured that the drug could only make them stronger, she agreed. The drug was soon administered by Hardforth and his team, and that seemed to be the end of the matter for 7 years. 

Seven years later, Hardforth and his team returned to Tylian, requesting that they be able to examine her children to see if the drug has had any adverse effects. She agreed, but this encouraged her to investigate the nature of the experiment. 


Hardforth grew weary of her investigation and ordered Rokuji to assassinate her. Rokuji used a slow-acting poison which gave off the appearence of a serious disease. On her death bed, she told Cetera about the experimentation that Luther and Ruselt had undergone. She eventually died from the illness a week later. 


Tylian had long black hair that she would hang loose. She had pale skin, and bright red eyes. Most of her traits were passed down to Luther.