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The Trion Syndicate is a criminal syndicate run by Equilatrium Roxcinante, also known by the alias "Deckard".



The divisions of the Trion Syndicate focus on a single factor.

Spade Division

The Spade Division is the Syndicate's commando unit. They are tasked with special operations that would otherwise be unable to be carried out by the other three divisions.

Clubs Division

The Clubs Division is known as the managers of the Slave Auction House, but are also publicly known as the "Special Powers Team".

Diamond Division

The Diamond Division is the Syndicate's battle brigade. They have the most members, who are trained as soldiers for the syndicate.

Heart Division

The Heart Division is the secret intelligence of the syndicate. It has the least members, having only three known.


The Syndicate is divided by four divisions, based around the four suits of a deck of cards; Spade, Clubs, Diamond and Heart.

The Syndicate run the Slave Auction Houses worldwide, all of which are located within cities. There is one in Baise in Kyloto, Laguz and Odal in Runisia, Tonnenberg in Mercria, Harville in Canorica, Jigra in Anathar, Tierra in Ancora, Vidrio in Vincolo and Aurum in Taurania.


Equilatrium Roxcinante / Deckard
Spade Division Commander Clubs Division Commander Diamond Division Commander Heart Division Commander
Piedra Adamas Mucilago Fustibus Plaudo Lazuli Victus Viscera
Spade Division Clubs Division Diamond Division Heart Division

Vena Puncion

Mucro Bladed

Hazel Armadura

Fuego Boss

Matrona Signore

Lena Pintar

Muneca Whitaker

Abdiel Kuras

Selinge Tiburon

Ochozias Pesado

Duro G. Ponche

Visor Rosado

Curiel Glaive

Cazador Baskerville

Ursula Whitaker

Hask Senton