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The Tribunal for the Administration of Magic is an organisation designed to provide legal guidance on affairs pertaining to magic.




High Council

The High Council is the most significant decision making body in the organisation. It's council involves 9 members, including the leader. 

  • Father Magus
  • Minister of Philosophy
  • Minister of Demarcation
  • Inquisitor General
  • Five Missionaries
    • Brother ???
    • Brother Aldric
    • Brother ???
    • Sister ???
    • Sister Zerachiel

Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy are in charge of the study of magic, and keep a library regarding magical history, ethics and research.

Department of Demarcation

The Department of Demarcation are in charge of monitoring the legality of certain magics and practices, using the research and knowledge gained by the Department of Philosophy.


The Inquisition refers to the Tribunal's police wing, who will activily investigate and seek out people deemed to be misusing magic, in order to arrest them.


Missionaries are powerful specialists who are responsible for carrying out special operations. There are a total of twenty missionaries, excluding those on the council.

Known Missionaries
  • Lionel Attilan
  • Werewolf Hunting Team