The Traveller's Tempest crew is a ragtag travelling band of seven people. The group was later succeeded by the Warsong Tempest Crew.





  • Ruselt Visarion
  • Luther Visarion
  • Angel-Ion Enoshima
  • Vulkas Raido †
  • Lanval Dultra
  • Roxanne Fenix
  • Dirge
  • Ray Bikau

Collective Inventory

  • Model of Narak's Globe
  • Books and Documents
    • ​"The Arts of Manipulating Water"
    • "Art of Lightning"
    • "Fire Arts: The Basics"
    • "Mastery of Fire Arts"
    • "Earth: Book One"
    • "History of Helios"
    • "Guide to Novalian Flora"
    • Botany Catalogue
    • Narak's Journal
    • Sabari Tome
    • Tempest Documents
    • Old Templar Knights Documents
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