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Toranican Visarion was a former emperor of the Venlish Empire, and was the man responsible for releasing all the colonies. He died at the age of 72 from a stroke.


Early Life

Like most in the Visarion family, Toranican, being first in line to the throne, was educated separately from his sibling, Sylrana. His education didn't go well, as he often had different ideas on how things should be run then his father did, which caused a divide between the two.

Toranican was also coaxed into marrying Valera of House Telran (a powerful family in Venland). This gave House Visarion more influence over how things were run in Venland.  


When Kalir Visarion died at the age of 66, Toranican ascended to the throne, aged oly 27. At a moments notice, Toranican changed the way the country was run. He passed a self determination act which disbanded the Venlish Empire and gave all the colonies the right to run themselves. This made him very popular with other nations, but this act would later result in unforseen consequences.

Toranican and Valera then had two children. Roarak, and Cetera, who was born a year later. Roarak was coaxed into marrying Tylian of House Hillfyre in order to cement Visarion influence in the western areas of Venland


After several years of declining health, Toranican suffered a stroke at the age of 72, and died.