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Tom Morris is a former member of the Canorican Police Force and a personal friend of John Curtis. He is hired by Curtis to personally torture Luther Visarion in his own absence.



Tom Morris used to serve in the Canorican Police Force alongside his friend, John Curtis. It is implied that he eventually quit, as he was a mechanic later in life.


Tom Morris is a tall, burly man with a short beard and a bald head. He has a noticeable potbelly. He wears a stained white shirt, a sleeveless denim jacket and a pair of dungarees.


Morris is a very violent man who loves to talk down to those he sees as beneath him, as shown by how he constantly calls Luther "little man".

He is a known homosexual, and enjoys his work as a mechanic. His prized possession is a wrench he wears around his belt. He is secretly a pedophile.

Abilities and Gear

Physical Abilities


  • Morris' Wrench (Stolen)


  • Mechanics Intuition
  • Interrogation Skills
  • Torture Intuition