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A timeline of events chronicling the history of Aether.

Aether History

Around 12,000 BC

  • The First Great Civilisation, the Sabari First Host, is formed.

Around 10,000 BC

  • The Sabari First Host reaches its highest point.

Around 7000 BC

  • The Quendam-Runisian War takes place.
  • Runisia is founded as the Second Great Civilisation.

Around 6000 BC

  • Vincolo is established as the Third Great Civilisation, and the first kingdom in Aether.
  • Zoroaster is established as the Fourth Great Civilisation.
  • July 2nd of an Unknown Year - The first Solstice of the Sun takes place.
  • The Fifth Great Civilisation, Meropis, is established.
  • The First War, otherwise known as the "Vincolian Holy War", "Thousand Year War", or "War of the Five Great Civilisations", occurs.
  • The first Fountain of Youth is discovered.

Around 5000 BC

  • The First War comes to an end.
  • The Conquest of Origin Gikoku occurs.
  • Uranus builds the Ultimate Weapon.

Around 4000 BC

  • Azoth, Horus, Deimos and Lotan are born.
  • The Old War begins. The three combatants are led by Azoth, the Templar Order and the Sabari First Host.
  • Voran Sicarius and Phade are born.
  • The Templar Order and Sabari First Host form an alliance to combat Azoth.
  • The First Host betray the Templar Order, who subsequently ally with the Sabari Monks.
  • Tempus is slain by Moira.
  • Moira's forces are ultimately defeated by the Templar Order, Sabari Monks and Azoth Army.
  • Azoth is defeated and sealed by the Venlish Knight. Order is restored to the world.
  • The Templar Order build the Tower of the Gods. Their work complete, they disband.
  • Voran and Phade create the Elixir of Life.
  • Tetsu Gikoku discovers the Great Ironhold, a massive, untapped underground complex comprised entirely of iron.
  • The Sabari First Host disappears. The remnant Sabari squabble over leadership.
  • The Gikoku family becomes known as the House of Krakens.
  • The Golden War begins following Tetsu Gikoku's death at the hands of Hormidae assassins.
  • Natsumi becomes the first female ruler of Kyloto. The Gikoku family becomes known as the House of Roses.
  • The Golden War concludes. Kyloto are victorious against Hormida.
  • Natsumi disappears, leaving Silver Gikoku to maintain both the throne of Kyloto and the Great Iron Forge.

Around 3000 BC

  • The Five Kings' War occurs.
  • King's Key is created and used by King Agade. Despite its use, Agade is defeated by King Ur.
  • King Ur founds the Sabari Second Host.
  • A Sabari migration leads to the foundation Vesper Sabari and the Sabari Third Host.
  • Meropis collapses. The survivors spend the next few milleniums in exile in the oceans.
  • Gorudo Gikoku murders Hai Gikoku in a desparate bid to control Kyloto.
  • The Gikoku family becomes known as the House of Dragons, which is the name it holds to this day.
  • Gorudo Gikoku infamously destroys an entire town for spilling rice from his bowl.
  • Kuru Gikoku founds the Myriad.
  • Tsubaki Gikoku begins her military coup against Gorudo Gikoku, starting the Kylotean Revolutionary War.
  • During the war, Imperator Junos plots to attack southern Kyloto in order to steal their iron.
  • Gorudo Gikoku is slain by Tsubaki Gikoku, who takes his place as Kyloto's leader.
  • Kaen Gikoku, the only son of Gorudo Gikoku, founds the High Tower to protect the Ironhold from invading Sabari forces.

Around 2000 BC

  • Kyloto becomes divided by its northern and southern sides. The latter becomes the "Nation of Ice", which would eventually become occupied by Kratonians.
  • Touma's forces later occupy what would later be known as Ezo Country.
  • The War of Fire and Ice occurs.
  • Touma Gikoku, Overlord of South Kyloto, and Ragnar Thorsvald, Jarl of Storic, form the Dracowulf Pact.
  • Southern Kyloto occupy Storic.
  • Haruto Gikoku kills Touma, bringing the War of Fire and Ice to an end.

Around 1000 BC

  • The second conflict of the High Tower takes place. Imperator Lune is repelled.

Around 500 BC

  • Keimusho Gikoku ascends the throne of Kyloto following Haruto Gikoku's death.
  • Within weeks, Keimusho begins the remilitarisation of Kyloto.

90 BC 

  • Venland is unified as a country, after the largest state, the Kingdom of Vorshire invades the rest of the island under the leadership of Edward Visarion I.

53 BC

  • Sabal-Ion Enoshima is born.

32 BC

  • Imperator Solgus kills Keji Gikoku.

21 BC

  • Mezumera Gikoku is exiled for challenging Keimusho's iron rule.

10 BC

  • A meteorite plummets down onto the Kylotean Badlands and is discovered by Sabal-Ion.
  • Sabal-Ion takes the meteorite far away and crafts it into six blades.
  • In effect, Sabal-Ion discovers Zero Isle.

6 BC

  • The Compendium War between Venland, Kyloto and Haphae begins.

4 BC

  • Sabal-Ion allies with the early Venlish Empire in order to bring down Keimusho Gikoku and his army.


  • January 1st - The cataloguing of days, months and years begins. The Runisians are credited for the creation of the Compendium.

12 AC

  • Keimusho Gikoku is slain, sparking the near conclusion of the Compendium War.

13 AC

  • The Compendium War draws to a close.
  • The Gikoku family Shogun goes into hiding with an infant Senkyoshi Gikoku.

24 AC

  • Due to the unsatisfactory rule of the Asterians, the Makai Clan and the Denatsu indirectly found the eventual Hirai Clan.

46 AC

  • The intermingling of pure-blooded Kyloteans and Denatsians lead to the creation of the Hirai Clan.

84 AC

  • Senkyoshi Gikoku takes over the vacant throne of Kyloto and assumes his father Keimusho's role as Overlord of Kyloto.

85 AC

  • The Asterian tennants of Kyloto are vanquished.

101 AC

  • January 1st - Centuries and decades are established by Runisian scribes.

127 AC

  • Senkyoshi Gikoku begins the Payback War.

145 AC

  • The Payback War ends.

231 AC

  • A masked Kylotean under the name of "Anonymous" leads a series of controlled attacks against Asteria, beginning the first acts of terrorism seen in the world.

235 AC

  • Anonymous is captured and executed. He declares that "another" will eventually finish his work.

513 AC

  • July 3rd - Shantar Mott is born.

514 AC

  • November 18th - Noland Baltovere is born.
  • December 27th - Luwei Meja is born.

516 AC

  • August 9th - Maradiac Gailax is born.

517 AC

  • March 5th - Narak is born.

532 AC

  • March 12th - Shantar Mott founds Carta.
  • Senkyoshi begins the Southern War.

534 AC

  • First conflict between Sabaria's natives and settlers begins.

536 AC

  • Narak sets off on his journey to explore Helios.
  • The Southern War concludes. Senkyoshi loses control over northern Kratonia.

537 AC

  • August 1st - Argus is named Imperator of the Third Host.

538 AC

  • March 12th - Narak returns to Sabaria.
  • March 18th - The Sixth Carta-Sabarian Conflict begins after the brutal slaughter of Advisor Rithul Bahjit and several guards.
  • March 20th - Noland, Luwei and Maradiac arrive on Sabaria and become acquainted with Shantar and Narak.
  • March 23rd - Sir Baltovere forms the Templar Knights, consisting of himself, Narak, Luwei Meja, and Maradiac Gailax.
  • May 6th - The Templar Knights fight off Argus' army with the help of Shantar Mott, bringing an end to the conflict.
  • May 19th - The Templar Knights leave Sabaria to set off on a new quest.

543 AC

  • The Templar Knights become more known in Helios and become regarded as legends.

558 AC

  • The Templar Knights miraculously disappear.

560 AC

  • February 18th - Shantar Mott is executed by Argus.
  • Senkyoshi begins the Grudge War.

567 AC

  • Senkyoshi is finally killed thanks to the deception of his brother, Ningen.
  • Senkyoshi's oldest son, Shen, brutally murders Ningen and claims the throne of Kyloto.
  • The war lost, the Kyloteans succeed at keeping out any more attacking forces.
  • Haphae build Ranzhou as a safety precaution against Kyloto.

Around 700 AC

  • Novalia is established as a nation.

782 AC

  • Shen Gikoku forms the Dominion of Kyloto, and begins building its size.

1094 AC

  • March 30th - Kalir Visarion is born.

1105 AC

  • January 16th - Ansuz Thurisaz of Runisia is born.

1098 AC

  • April 23rd - Liscard Crookhorn is born.

1115 AC

  • April 25th - Ansuz's father, Ingwaz dies of unknown causes.
  • April 26th - Ansuz Thurisaz is coronated as king.

1131 AC

  • October - The companies Triton Star, NovaAir Services and Monroe Industries merge together to create the Nova Star Industrial Corportation. Beauregard Monroe is appointed as CEO.

1133 AC

  • January 4th - Toranican Visarion is born. He is the only heir of Emperor Kalir Visarion.
  • January 5th - The Novalian War for Independence begins.

1136 AC

  • March 30th - The Novalian War for Independence ends as Emperor Kalir Visarion of the Venlish empire reluctantly signs their declaration.

1154 AC

  • April 2nd - Phillotus Cercyon is born.

1156 AC

  • April 5th - Hansel Koenig is born.
  • August 1st- Orchus Retaliak is born. 

1157 AC

  • April 30th - Deciduous Quadroceptus is born.

1160 AC

  • April 26th - Toranican Visarion ascends to the Venlish throne at the age of 27 after Kalir Visarion dies, only aged 66, from a brain haemorrhage brought on from severe stress and paranoia.
  • December 25th - Toranican Visarion passes the self-determination act in parliament, freeing all Venlish colonies and disbanding the Venlish Empire.

1161 AC

  • February 5th - Criminal organisations within Asteria band together to form the Underground, in the hope of overcoming the new Asterian law system.
  • May 27th to May 28th - The Siege on the Hidden Lake Place takes place. The Acua Clan is forced under the Dominion of Kyloto permanently.

1162 AC

  • February 5th - Calitis Monroe is born.
  • February 14th - Vincent Kerraslav is born.

1163 AC

  • August 27th - Hectapholes Denophilius is born.

1165 AC

  • January 24th - Cid Fenix is born.

1168 AC

  • May 20th - John Curtis is born.

1170 AC

  • March 19th - Roarak Visarion is born. Toranican is 37 at this point.

1171 AC

  • March 2nd - Cetera Visarion is born.
  • June - Thanks to the air technologies of the Nova Star Industrial Corporation, the city of Avalon is risen into the air.

1172 AC

  • April 2nd - Najam Desrold is born.

1173 AC

  • May 24th - Sturgeon Low is born.

1174 AC

  • January 30th - Lurenos Veltan is born
  • May 8th - Tylian Visarion is born

1178 AC

  • July 14th - Hardware Quadroceptus is born.

1179 AC

  • May 10th - Joshua Andrews is born.

1180 AC

  • February 8th - Vladimir Wolf is born.
  • April 20th - Inara Winters is born.

1181 AC

  • October 5th - Liscard Crookhorn dies of a mystery illness.
  • November 1st - Crookhorn's funeral takes place.

1184 AC

  • January 30th - Phillotus Cercyon has the Haphaen Ruling Council executed, and takes over the country under a communist regime. He does this at the age of 31.
  • April 1st - The Levian Federation declares war on Haphae in resposne to Cercyon's coup. 
  • August 18th - Rhydiac Gailax is born.

1185 AC

  • July 3rd - Bellamy Razul is born.

1186 AC

  • January 6th - Hector Trydium is born.
  • February 8th - Ryker Zolus is born.

1188 AC

  • February 3rd - Harrison Crawford is born.
  • February 4th - Orchus Retaliak elected leader of the Levian Federation
  • April 5th - Retaliak restores order to Levia before making peace with Cercyon. 

1193 AC

  • May 25th - Dirge is born.

1194 AC

  • September 8th - Angel-Ion Enoshima is born.

1195 AC

  • February - Galahad Arms is founded.
  • March 1st - Rodrigo Honalez is born.
  • December 3rd - Roxanne Fenix is born.

1196 AC

  • April 12th - Lanval Dultra is born.
  • May 12th - Abigail Russ is born.
  • December 23rd - Heika Denophilius is born.

1198 AC

  • August 18th - Vulkas Raido is born.

1200 AC

  • January 1st - Ruselt and Luther Visarion are born. Roarak is 29 when they are born.
  • January 1st - The Canorican Orthodox Party wins the decennial election under the leadership of John Curtis.

1204 AC

  • April 27th - The Allied Nations and Asteria begin making plans to bring the latter into its alliance.
  • May 4th - Hectapholes Denophilius and his envoy set off for Asteria for negotiations.
  • May 7th - The envoy is ambushed by Zurakiel Ketseuki and Doriru Agobiar. Hectapholes is killed. Later, Asteria cancels its plans with the Allied Nations.

1205 AC

  • August 19th - King Toranican Visarion dies due to a stroke at the age of 72.
  • August 20th - Roarak Visarion takes over as King of Venland at the age of 35.

1206 AC

  • October 20th - The Infinity Project yields its first success, and Hector Trydium successfully starts up the Infinity Generator prototype at the age of 20.

1207 AC

  • July 10th - Tylian Visarion dies from a week-long illness caused by Rokuji's poison. 

1209 AC

  • February 8th - Canorica declares war on the Isle of Venland after stating that they were harboring weapons that they were supposedly planning to use on other countries. Canorica is followed by democratic Parcia, Tythan, Novalia.
  • May 8th - Calitis Monroe is reported as missing.
  • October 2nd - Vladimir Wolf leads a leftist revolt against Ivanovich Ketrov's ineffective democratic government and seizes the city of Ketrogral when he is just 29 years of age. Due to the war with Venland, Ketrov is slow to respond to the revolt.
  • October 7th - Ketrov's forces pull out of Venland and return to Tythan.
  • October 12th - Ketrov's forces march towards Ketrogral and attempt to retake it from Wolf's revolutionaries. The Tythanian Civil War begins.

1210 AC

  • August 12th - Inara Winters is elected as Chancellor of Mercria, and used her power to criminalise opposition.

1214 AC

  • March 3rd - Rodrigo Honalez rises to power in Parcia and forces them to pull out of the Venlish war.
  • May 1st - The Assault on the Enoshima Family takes place.
  • December 25th - Roarak orders that a huge underground complex be built in Lorinham on the Isle of Reed with the purpose of keeping his government going after his inevitable demise. 

1215 AC

  • March 20th - The Venlish Capital, Savorden is taken by Canorican forces.
  • March 22nd - Roarak Visarion is executed, at the age of 45, ending the Six Years' War.
  • March 25th - Officials in the now completed Lorinham complex recieve word of Roarak's death, and set up the Remnant State of Venland with the intention of one day retaking the mainland. Elsewhere, a meeting between all leaders in Helios is held, discussing the recent war.
  • March 30th - The Autocratic Confederacy is founded.
  • April 3rd - The Iron Union is founded.
  • April 5th - The Canorican Orthodox Party is removed from power by the supreme court as they had caused economic turmoil. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is put into power until the next election.
  • April 7th - A terror attack occurs in Nirvo, Asteria. More than 100 Asterian politicians are killed.
  • April 13th - A second Heliosian Summit is called by Vincent Kerraslav.
  • April 18th - Ketrov is removed from power. Vladimir Wolf becomes Tythan's new leader.
  • April 23rd - A third Heliosian Summit takes place.
  • Meanwhile, the second Anonymous surfaces.
  • April 26th - Joshua Andrews becomes the Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Nations by vote during an Allied Nations summit.
  • April 28th - Stern Brocade attempts to bring Asteria into the Allied Nations. Vincent Kerraslav turns down his request.
  • April 30th - Joshua Andrews attempts to bring Taurania into the Allied Nations. Like Kerraslav, Vance Alder turns down the request.
  • Meanwhile, Levi Bystrom meets with the Council of Masters in Shanzhu. As before, they turn down his request.
  • May 1st - Joshua Andrews appeals to congress to end the Canorican occupation of Venland. Congress turn down his proposal.
  • May 3rd - Kyloto begins to employ its new military draft. As detailed, Hormida, Vincolo and southern Anathar are invited into the Autocratic Confederacy.
  • May 8th - The Resistance attempt to sack the Kylotean Riverlands. They ultimately fail.
  • May 16th - Ruselt and Luther are abducted by the Remnant State of Venland.
  • May 20th - The Kazoku system of the Kylotean government is abolished.
  • May 28th - Luther escapes the Remnant State of Venland.
  • June 1st - Luther is placed into the custody of John Curtis.
  • June 2nd - Judge Thomas Clay is discovered dead. His death is ruled as suicide.
  • June 5th - Joshua Andrews and Vladimir Wolf meet on the Canorican-Tythanian border in an attempt to defuse hostility.
  • June 10th - Luther escapes the custody of John Curtis, killing his current captor, Tom Morris, in the process.

1217 AC

  • The first Asterian Annual Combat Tournament takes place. Mu Eta is declared its winner.