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The Six Years' War was a bloody conflict between the Allied Nations and the Isle of Venland.


  • Venland enters an isolationist state and cuts trade deals with other countries in Helios.
    • John Curtis becomes president of Canorica. His militarist policies result in large sums of money being spent on the Canorican armed forces. The country is quickly faced with an economic recession. Curtis tells his people that Venland's isolationism is to blame.
    • Curtis tries to enter negotiations with Toranican Visarion to renew trade deals and hopefully fix the economy. Toranican refuses to even meet with him.
  • Toranican Visarion dies of a stroke, and Roarak takes over as king.
  • Hector Trydium invents the Infinity Generator
    • News reaches the Allied Nations and they express concern over the new technology. The Allied Nations condemn Venland over their lack of openness.
    • Canorica demands that Venland hand over the Infinity Generator. Roarak Visarion refuses.
  • John Curtis secretly makes deals with several world leaders, and persuades them to make a military pact with Canorica. He takes advantage of their interest in the Infinity Generators. He also fabricated evidence that Venland were building up their armed forces. Parcia and Tythan in particular were paranoid that they would attempt to reoccupy their old colonies, as they were unaware of King Roarak's motives. This paranoia was shared by Novalia, who were still bitter about their history with Venland. Curtis also claimed that Venland was harbouring weapons that could cause mass devastation.


  • John Curtis declares war on Venland after claiming they were harbouring weapons. Venland deny the accusations but quickly build up their military to deter an attack.
  • The Republic of Parcia, Canorica, Novalia and Tythan mobilise their forces.
    • Tythan and Canorica invade the city of Linaport in March, and lay waste to it, halting 40% of Venland's industry. Canorica push forward with 300,000 soldiers and lose 47,000. Tythan push forward with 70,000 soldiers, and lose 8,000 soldiers. Venlish soldiers retreated towards Savorden and slowed down the Allied advance. They manage to kill 2,000 Tythanians and 3,000 Canoricans before they reach Savorden.
    • Roarak Visarion orders the destruction of every Infinity Generator (bar the one he would later send to the Lorinham).
    • Parcian forces attack Haringham from the west with 65,000 soldiers. They faced off against 50,000 Venlish soldiers who managed to hold their position for 2 years. Eventually, Parcian forces break through with only aproximately 7,000 Parcians surviving. Only a few hundred Venlish soldiers were able to escape.
    • Novalia assisted the Canorican push towards Savorden. Novalia lost 500 soldiers in the process.
    • Canorica, Novalia and Tythan attack Savorden from the east, and Parcia attacks it from the west.
    • 6,000 Novalians, 250,000 Canoricans, 60,000 Tythanians and 7,000 Parcians faced off against 200,000 Venlish soldiers.
    • Venland were able to hold the postition for a while due to their technological advantage. 
    • Tythan pulls out of the war as Ivanovich Ketrov requires more men to fight Vladimir Wolf in Ketrogral. By this time, 49,000 Tythanians had died (with another 1,000 being killed at Linaport).
    • Parcia pull out as Rodrigo Honalez becomes the new leader, and ends the republic. By this time, 60,000 Parcians had been killed, with 2,000 dying in Savorden and 58,000 dying in Haringham. 5,000 were brought back to Parcia.
    • Canorica and Novalia continued the seige.
    • 3,700 Novalians died, leaving only 2,300. 
    • 150,000 Canoricans were killed, leaving 100,000 to occupy Savorden.
    • 138,000 Venlish Soldiers died defending Savorden. The remaining soldiers were forced to flee.
    • Roarak Visarion was captured by Canorican forces and executed without trial. John Curtis vowed to hunt down the rest of his family, under the excuse that they could incite rebellion. 


  • Complete Canorican occupation of the Isle of Venland, with only the Isle of Reed remaining out of their control. 
  • The Canorican people become bitter towards Parcia for leaving the war, and for their change in government. 
  • Canorica consider Vladimir Wolf an enemy of the state, due to his controversial communist ideology, and the fact his rebellion resulted in Tythanian forces pulling out of Venland.
  • The Venlish Royal Family flee Venland.
  • The Remnant State of Venland forms.
  • Some of the remaining Venlish soldiers are recruited, one by one, by the Remnant State.
  • The Canorican economy crashes, and John Curtis is removed from power after a vote-of-no-confidence from the Supreme Court. 
  • Joshua Andrews becomes the new president, and he is left to fix the economic turmoil. Despite his attempts to persuade congress to end the Canorican occupation of Venland, he was forced take resources from Venland to help fix the economy.