The Shadowlands

The Shadowlands are a mysterious region deep within the Great Unknown. It fills the entirety of the Foreboding Sea.


Regions and Places of Interest

Gates of Mystery

The entryways of the Shadowlands. They are the furthest most points both east and west of the Shadowlands and the Foreboding Sea. It is known for being covered by a dense fog. The western side of the sea is occupied by Idolons; beasts that are reported to be capable of "turning invisible"; and Sea Beasts on its eastern side.

  • Ship's Graveyard - A massive rocky expanse on the western side of in the foggy sea. It is littered with shipwrecks of those whose lives were claimed here.

Grass Ocean

Located in the western and northwestern quadrant, the Grass Ocean is a massive grass plain. The eastern side of the plains are rocky, leading into the mountainous centre of the Shadowlands.

  • Abandoned Fortress - A fortress built under the orders of Origin Gikoku. Following the collapse of his regime, it fell into disrepair and remains unoccupied.

Myriad Jungle

A tropical jungle in the south-west quadrant. It is the hideout of the Myriad. The trees here are known to by resilient against fire.

  • Fracture Hill - A tiny set of mountains amidst the jungles.
  • Thundra Lake - A massive lake constantly struck by lightning at night. A massive statue is located here.
  • Myriad Base - The headquarters of the religious movement, the Myriad.

Desert Colossus

A massive desert occupying the central northern quadrant of the Shadowlands. It was formerly occupied by the extinct Spartoi race, similar to Vesper Sabari, the Isle of Dahsaan, Ancient Anathar and SD-S Island. It is currently occupied by Meropians, whose ancestors did not accompany their allies to the land now known as Kratonia.

  • New Meropis - Formerly a Spartoi city, New Meropis is the current home of the Meropians.
  • Desert Ruins - Ruins found on a small island found within a desert lake. It is unknown whether or not the Spartoi built it.
  • Black Pyramid Nazdahl - A massive pyramid that is black in colour.
  • Sunless Land - A region in the furthest north expanse. It is cursed so that it is permanently encased in darkness. Ruins encompass the entire area.

North-West Quadrant

A nameless snowy expanse. It is occupied by the Dark Tribe and the Blue Quendam.

  • Dark Tribe Capitol - The heart of the Dark Tribe.
  • Ranging House - A hut built by Lord-Master Brand and Mesamera Gikoku. It is currently occupied by Zabal-Ion Enoshima.
  • Blue Quendam Territory
  • Ice Altar - A ruin located above the Blue Quendam Territory. It overlooks the rest of the region, and is known as its "closest point to the sun".
  • Dark Cathedral - A dark monument built on a mountain. It is housed by Mirorim, its apparent creator.

Central Quadrant

A wasteland surrounded by mountains. It is the possible building site of the Ultimate Weapon. The central quadrant is peculiar for being volcanic in nature, supporting no life at all.

  • Sealed Tower - A small structure within the wastes. It is impenetrable, and has a doorway with seven holes in it.

Forest of the Fey

A forest home to the Yggdrall tree, massive trees that are reported to be the strongest wood in the world. It is also the home of the Red Quendam.

  • Noctis - A "town" where the Red Quendam live. In its centre is Förmyndare, a symbol of worship and the largest tree in the world.

Southern Quadrant

A series of islands. They are wrapped in mystery.

  • Island Alpha - The second largest island.
  • Island Beta - The smallest island.
  • Island Delta - A mysterious altar is found here. Its purpose is unknown.
  • Island Sigma
  • Island Omega - The largest of the islands.

Terminal Islands

Eighty-seven islets floating in the sky across the Shadowlands. They are the only place in the world where one can find the Goliath tree, known for its power-enhancing fruit. They are also the dominal homelands of the Vaengar.

  • Stor - The largest of the floating islands and "capital" of the Vaengar.
  • Vedur - An island inhabited by mages who are said to be capable of controlling the weather.
  • Forn - An island in total ruins.
  • Haleit - The island furthest in the sky.
  • Virki - One of the floating islands. It is the base of operations of Hardforth Veerlan.
  • Gler - A bizarre island that has been terraformed by magical means, making the place appear mostly crystalline
  • Myriad Battalion - Several small islands that have been claimed by the Myriad for unknown purposes.


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