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The Myriad is a hidden religious movement founded many years ago by Kurutta Gikoku. The order is still active, but it is publically unknown who is currently in control.


Between 231 and 235 AC, Anonymous and his division within the order carried out attacks in Asteria in the name of the Myriad, but both the Asterians and the Kyloteans who were accused could only surmise it as prejudice from a third party organisation.


The Myriad support a mysterious deity apparently represented as a carnation with a single eye.


High Priestess Kuru Gikoku
Red Akuji Moretsu Akuji
Blue Akuji Zetsubo Akuji
Yellow Akuji Kirau Akuji
Anonymous Movement Commander Anonymous †
Second Sons Commander Adam
Jade Master Jambra