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The Templar Knights are a band of travelling warriors who are considered neutral to government, and hostile to those who commit evil acts. The group was founded by Sir Noland Baltovere. It is the twenty-fifth and current incarnation of the original Templar Order.


Early History

The Templar Knights were formed during an unspecified incident involving the explorer, Noland Baltovere and the warriors Maradiac Gailax and Luwei Meja. Later, Baltovere and his knights arrived in Sabaria, where they met the Sabarian, Narak, and the leader of Carta, Shantar Mott, recruiting the former. The Templar Knights lent their aid to Carta's forces to repel an attack from the native Sabarians led by Argus. Baltovere himself headed directly into Charybdis, where he fought Argus, a fight that left them both with a permanent injury. The fight reached a stalemate and Argus gave the order to withdraw his forces.

At some point, after having explored every region of Helios, the Templar Knights departed from the continent, but seem to have disappeared, somewhat fading into legend over time. The last known piece of information from the Templar Knights was the fact that there were seven members at the time of the group's inferred disappearance.


A statue of Noland Baltovere was erected outside of Clockwatch Headquarters in his honour. A second statue is found within the Capitol's "Hall of Heroes".

The gulch situated at the furthest north point of Sabaria came to be known as "Narak's Gulch", named such as he was the first person to explore it. The gulch contains stone heads in the likeness of Narak, Argus and three unknown individuals recognised as important to Sabarian culture.




  • Sir Noland Baltovere
  • Perseus
  • Luwei Mejai
  • Sir Mase Miles
  • Varn Avgora
  • Melody Shaltear