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Tanzar-Ion Enoshima is the current patriarch of the Enoshima Family.



At some point, Tanzar-Ion was approached by his uncle, Shen Gikoku, leader of the Dominion of Kyloto, demanding that his family join the Dominion as its tenth influential family, planning to plant two Oathkeepers at their household. Tanzar-Ion, knowing what Shen was truly after, coupled with Shen's history with his father, Kabuto, vehemently declined. Shen ordered his Oka Eritoshin to lay waste to the Enoshima house, which soon led to the death of Kenshi Usagi, one of the family's four retainers, and a former shogun. Tanzar-Ion instructed his three children to flee Kyloto, entrusting each of them with three of the legendary swords built by his grandfather Sabal-Ion; Kagero, Yukiha and Sekken. He also sent the family's retainers to assist them. Shen arrived on the scene, revealing the legendary sword Sutashin in his possession. After a fight between the two, Shen emerged victorious after slicing off Tanzar-Ion's left arm, with barely any effort. Tanzar-Ion and his wife were incarcerated by the Dominion. The whereabouts of the two remaining swords, Furyoku and Akikage, remain unknown, although it is likely they were buried by the rubble of the Enoshima household.

Later, Shen interrogated Tanzar-Ion in his cell, questioning him on the whereabouts of his children, the three retainers and the three legendary swords given to them, in addition to the two lost. Tanzar-Ion revealed he had them flee Kyloto, each with their own sword. Shen ordered them to be hunted down, but was unsuccessful. Shen later interrogated him about the whereabouts of Sabal-Ion's workshop, figuring that it, unlike Sabal-Ion's residence, was not found within Kyloto itself. Tanzar-Ion refused to talk. An angered Shen left, threatening that once he finds Sabal-Ion's work, he will kill all three of his children with their family secret.


Tanzar-Ion later managed to break out of his prison with his wife, and told her to flee to find Kitsuke Shokuji, as he killed an attacking guard. He vowed to find his sword as well as his children before departing the scene himself.



Abilities and Gear


  • Fire Manipulation
  • Dust Manupulation


  • Hokori / "Dust"
  • Ankoku / "Dark Sword"