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Stern Brocade is the current Fleet Admiral of the Royal Kratonian Military, making him the effective political leader of Kratonia, while Heika Denophilius is the current monarchial leader.



Brocade has salmon coloured skin, messy black hair, and a black beard and moustache. Due to his harsh training regiments in his youth, Brocade has a large, broad build. His chest is covered in scars.

Brocade wear a white coat over his shoulders, bearing the RKM insignia and Kanji for "Justice" on it. He wears a while suit that reaches his neck, and wears a red sash. He also wears a gold and red medal that designated the current Fleet Admiral. In addition to this, he wears a white cap with a blue stripe running through the centre, which he has owned since he was a Petty Officer.

During special occassions, he wears a full black suit with gold epaulettes and crenellations, while also adorning several medals. He also wears a white tie.


Brocade has a quick-witted and dubious nature, but also possesses a short temper. He is a well-known cigar chomper. He is considered to be close friends with Levi Bystrom, who is also his drinking buddy.

Abilities and Gear


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