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Smith Johnson is a fleet captain of the Black Stone Pirates. He was formerly a scout working for the Canorican government, under Joshua Andrews.


Smith Johnson was dispatched to the Great Unknown following conversations between Joshua Andrews and Stern Brocade. He and his small crew were seized by members of the Black Stone Pirates when they approached Veric Fortress, the very place he was sent to scout.

Johnson was brought aboard with his crew, where they came face to face with the Pirate King himself, Ryloth. After some disagreements, Ryloth threatened to cast Johnson off of the side of the fortress. Rather than choosing survival or death, Johnson spat in Ryloth's face, causing Ryloth to retaliate by ripping out Johnson's lower jaw, executing his remaining crew and seizing his ship for his own fleet.

Johnson was hospitalised by the pirates, who later welded an iron jaw to his skull, in place of the one he lost. Later, Johnson was subjected to torture by Skol Jarn, the Master Gaoler of the fortress, until he accepted Ryloth as his master. Eventually, Johnson accepted his fate, and rose to the rank of captain of one of Ryloth's fleets.



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