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"Sixth Sense", also known as Mantra, is a special inner power that can be used across Aether. Sixth Sense is a special power that allows the user to use their body and mind in otherwise abnormal means.

Sixth Sense Types

Sixth Sense: Willpower

Sixth Sense: Willpower is the use of one's overall spiritual power and will to fight. Willpower can be used against those who have a will weaker than the user's own. It can be used to stop people in their tracks, and, if enough power is used, can be used to knock others unconscious. The power is automatically activated if two users clash with Sixth Sense: Armament. It can also hit somebody who is otherwise intangible.

Sixth Sense: Foresight

Sixth Sense: Foresight is the amplified use of one's touch and sight, allowing them to see things they would not normally be able to see, and feel vibrations.

Sixth Sense: Armament

Sixth Sense: Armament is the use of one's spiritual power in the form of ironclad self defense. Armament in use resembles iron. It can be used to increase the power of physical attacks due to its hardness, and can be imbued in weapons such as swords.

Sixth Sense: Precognition

Sixth Sense: Precognition is the use of one's focused mind to predict the attacks of others, while also allowing them to see ahead of time with enough focus. Some users, such as the Pilzoto Family, can use the ability to see seconds into the future in combat. It is considered an upgraded form of Sixth Sense: Observation.

Sixth Sense: Psychosis

Sixth Sense: Psychosis is an adapted version of Sixth Sense, which allows users to directly move or strike objects with their mind, as though they had an invisible extension to their body.