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The Sixth Carta-Sabarian Conflict was the sixth conflict between the Sabarian Council and the city of Carta.


Shortly before Narak's return to Sabaria, the Sabarian Council decided to instigate a conflict in an attempt to finally rid themselves of the settlers occupying the south-west of Sabaria.

Narak had finally completed is exploration of Helios, and was due to return home.

Noland Baltovere, Luwei Meja and Maradiac Gailax set course for Carta, their next destination, in the hopes that they may find a fourth accomplice.



  • The Templar Knights are formed.
  • Ramil is built and the dead are cremated as part of a funeral proceeding.
  • Argus declares Narak banished from Sabaria for his treachery.
  • The Sabarians begin plotting their next bid to destroy Carta, eventually leading to the execution of Shantar Mott.