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Sinbad Gualock, also known by his alias, Salvage, is the Chief of Defence in the Galahad Arms.



A few years before joining Galahad Arms, Sinbad was an employee at the Nova Star Industrial Corporation, but was fired by Calitis Monroe for constructing a mechanical device that was built for destruction, which was against the N.S.I.C's policies, and was considered dangerous.

Sinbad later became a prolific salvager, and the owner of a chop shop for stolen ships. His dealings were discovered by the Clockwatch and he was arrested. He was later tried in court and was incarcerated in Ludlow Penitentiary. While there, he got into a fight with another criminal, who managed to almost cut off his left arm. The criminal was eliminated by another inmate, Randolin Monk, who used the event to stage a riot. Randolin, with the help of Sinbad and several other prisoners, managed to escape the prison, but eventually, they, along with other inmate Magnat Geotrusse, decided to cut their losses, and the three eliminated the other escaped inmates. The three used Sinbad's chop shop hub as a place to stay. The three were eventually uncovered by a man by the name of October Vivaldi, who informed them that he knew they broke out of the prison, and that his boss wanted the three amongst his ranks. Some time after being promoted to Chief of Defence, Sinbad was given a mechanical arm.

At some point, Sinbad reacquired his old creation and continued working on it, repurposing it as a destroyer machine rather than a demolition machine.


Sinbad has an enlarged veiny left eye. He has a mechanical left arm which uses cogs, pistons and gears in order to be used.


Sinbad suffers from mania, resulting in delusions and overactivity. He has been known to be crazy. He has severe anger problems, often throwing fits of rage whenever he does something such as stubbing his toe. Despite his illness and issues, he is a fully capable engineer, dismantler and inventor.

Abilities and Gear


  • Mind Control Immunity

Physical Abilities


  • Mechanical Arm - Sinbad has a special mechanical arm that uses cogs, pistons and gears to utilise.
  • Sinbad Battle Gear - A mysterious project Sinbad has been working on.
  • Hoodstomper


  • Engineering Intuition
  • Dismantling Intuition
  • Salvage Intuition
  • Mechanics Intuition
  • Inventing Skills