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Silas Magnat, also known by his alias, Sigma, is the Commander-in-Chief the Galahad Arms. He is known as the "King of Victory" due to him virtually running Galahad's Victory District. His base of operations is the V. Arcade Star Master Suite, formerly Casino.



Silas has long, wild blond hair with black tips, with a similarly coloured goatee. Silas is often seen wearing a helmet with a sigma symbol emblazoned on the front. His hair protrudes from a hole at the back of it. He wears a white suit and trousers with a light red and orange shirt, which is opened slightly to expose his chest hair. He wears a golden V shaped necklace which has two bars running vertically across it, resembling a money sign. Following his promotion to Commander-in-Chief, he wears a stickpin formerly worn by Hardware, to denote leadership.


Silas is passive in nature, but can be very conniving and merciless. He is always seen as calm and collected. He dislikes those who mock the Galahad Arms, and looks down on the poor. He is usually full of himself when in the Victory District, and criticises, mocks and laughs at those who have gambled their lives away at his casino. He finds easy humour in cheating out visitors of the casino, but despises those who try to snitch on the fact that they've been conned, to the point where he has set up a "Complaints Bureau" in the casino, which, in actuality, is used to send snitches to be bumped off. He can also be extremely flamboyant, and often exchanges banter with both his allies and enemies.

Abilities and Gear


  • Magma Manipulation

Physical Abilities


  • Magma-Infused Die Set


  • Cheating Intuition
  • Scam Intuition
  • Gambling Intuition
  • Intuitive Apitude
  • Tactical Analysis
  • Persuasion
  • Intuitive Polygraphy
  • Cheating Detection
  • Unpredictability