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The Siege on the Hidden Lake Palace was a one-man assault on the Acua Clan on behalf of the Dominion of Kyloto.


  • Azuma Umi refuses the Dominion of Kyloto's nineteenth request to be drawn into it.
    • Shen decides to have a special "twentieth greeting" in order to bring the clan into the Dominion permanently.
    • Shen dispatches his right hand, Oran Mandarin, to Mizuoh.


  • Oran arrives at the Palace during sunset.
    • The Palace Guards refuse his entry.
    • Oran begins slaughtering the guards, eventually altering the Umi Family.
  • Azuma sends the rest of the guards to fight.
    • Oran begins fending off the guards, and kills a retainer of the family.
    • Oran soon catches fire to the Palace. A foolish member of the Umi Family attempts to put it out, but is cut down.
    • Guards try to evacuate the Umi Family, but Oran cuts down another family member and three retainers, amongst some of the guards.
    • Oran begins striking down civilians amongst the guards and the remaining retainers and family members.
  • Azuma confronts Oran and challenges him.
    • Oran cuts off Azuma's arm in the first strike, before impaling him in the back.
    • Oran begins beating Azuma on the ground, before raising him up by the neck.
    • Oran repeats the request to join the Dominion one final time.
    • Azuma refuses to co-operate, forcing Oran to strangle him to death.
  • Oran begins hunting down Shio Umi, the remaining member of the Umi Family.
    • He kills eight people and burns down 3 houses before finding her.
    • She attempts to flee, but he pins her down and crushes one of her fingers.
    • Oran abducts Shio as the sun rises across the blood-stained city.


  • Shio Umi is made the head of the Acua Clan under orders of Shen Gikoku.
    • The Hidden Lake Palace is rebuilt under the watch of the Oka Eritoshin. A mark is left there to show their dominance over the Umi Family.
    • An Oathkeeper is stationed in the palace.
  • The Acua Clan is unable to leave the Dominion, as they have previously done.