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Shiro Magala is the current Shogun of the Makai Clan, and is thus Shen's left hand man in the Dominion of Kyloto. Shiro was born with a rare disorder that left him with white skin.



Shiro, unlike most Kyloteans from the Makai Clan, was born with a bizarre disorder, known as White Kylotism, that renders one with white skin. He has a cross-shaped scar across his chest. His left pinkie finger is missing. He is also missing some flesh from the right side of his mouth, exposing some of his teeth. He also possesses a scar over his right eye.

Shiro has a total of six horns, with three at the front and three at the back, two of these horns, found either side of his forehead, are curved.

Shiro wears a white kimono with black flower patterns, and wears a black sash across his chest. He wears black gi pants, and is often seen wearing a rice hat, larger than that worn by Raichi Strom. He also wears a necklace with five different teeth attached to it. Occassionally he wears a white cape with a black lining. This cape is marked with a black Kanji symbol representing "white" (白).

Shiro has dark white messy hair with a single black streak running down the left side of his face. His hair at the back reaches down to his hips, and has black tips. He sometimes wears tusk-like decorations that protrude from his hair.


Abilities and Gear


  • Fire Manipulation
    • ​Rainbow Fire Aura
    • White Fire Aura
    • Fire Negation
  • Light Manipulation
    • Colour Absorption
      • Colour-to-Power Conversion
      • Colour-Based Sword Armamentation
    • Sword-Based Lunar Light Empowerment
    • Light Emission
    • Lunar Manipulation
      • ​Illusion Manipulation
      • Ice Wind
      • Night Inducement
    • Lunar Empowerment
      • ​Freezing Aura
    • Lunakinetic Combat

Physical Abilities

  • Illusion Awareness
  • Supernatural Sight


  • Mangetsu/"Full Moon"
  • Palido/"White"