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Shen Gikoku is the reigning Overlord of the Dominion of Kyloto, a collection of seven ruling clans and nine influential, regal families across Kyloto, and is the current head of the Gikoku Family, thus making him the ruler of the country.



At some point in the past, Shen's forces came across the legendary sword, Sutashin, one of the six legendary swords crafted by Sabal-Ion Excalvur.

After learning of the Allied Nations' plans to bring Asteria into its alliance, Shen dispatched Zurakiel Ketseuki and Doriru Ahobiar to take out the envoy, which was led by King Hectapholes of Kratonia. The two Oka Eritoshin were successful.

Later, Shen set his sights on attempting to bring the Enoshima Family into his Dominion, however, the current hierarch, Tanzar-Ion, refused, having knowledge of Shen's grandfather's tyranny in the past, as well as Shen's murdering of his parents, Kabuto and Fanren. Shen, angered by this, had his forces attack the family, and had Tanzar-Ion, and his wife, Rika, captured. When interrogating Tanzar-Ion, Shen learned that Tanzar-Ion entrusted his three children with three of the legendary swords and told them and three other companions to flee Kyloto. Shen sent his forces after the escapees, but they were only successful in separating them. Shen interrogated Tanzar-Ion again, this time to point out the location of Sabal-Ion's hidden workshop, the location of the two remaining swords, as well as the meteorite used to forge all six, and the means to create more. Tanzar-Ion refused to reveal this information, so Shen decided to make him and his wife permanent prisoners of the Dominion, though they would later escape.


Shen is a tall man with red skin, which gets darker towards his legs. He has wide indigo wings, which he usually keeps enclosed, and has a green tail. He bears two bone structures on the sides of his arms. He has five horns on his head, having three on his forehead, one of which is cracked, and two towards the back, one of which has been partially snapped off. Shen has pronounced cheekbones, and a broad chin. Shen has black mutton chops and a goatee. Shen has a number of battle scars on his body, namely a massive scar running across his chest, another across his left eye and shoulder and a partially torn up left wing. He has a lizard scale tattoo pattern on his left arm and breast, and a phoenix feather tattoo pattern on the centre points of both of his wings, and part of his right breast, he also has this on his right hip.

Shen wears heavily plated greaves and trench boots. He wears a large rope, decorated with feathers, as a belt, with a black and white cloak tied to his waist. Shen wears a pair of fingerless black gloves. He also wears a white pauldron, which has three sections adorned with red velvet, on his left shoulder, which has a band that goes around his body, like some kind of sash. He wears a large dark red ribbon around his neck. He is often seen wearing a large black-red scabbard on his back, which has Sutashin sheathed inside. He is also often-times seen wearing a silver crown, which fits around his three frontal horns, although this is rare. When going to meetings, he wears a black sleeveless fur coat, which is always open.


Shen is an incredibly serious, merciless and confident warrior and leader, who often goes for strategic methods to gain advantages in conflicts. He lacks all forms of pity, and is closed off from any sort of negotiations or offerings that he feels do not benefit him. Shen is extremely unforgiving, often lashing out quickly if his subordinates have given weak excuses for failure, or if somebody insults the legacy of the Gikoku Family or his Oka Eritoshin, this is often in prejudice, as he often kills perpetrators for this. This can often lead to very disproportionate results. Shen is a strong believer in fate, and criticises those who underestimate him or his armies. He also has a very ill temper, which, when provoked, can cause him to carry out disproportionate and impetuous actions, sometimes in the name of apparent "payback".

Shen cares deeply for his Oka Eritoshin, as well as the Shogun of the Makai Clan, Shiro Magala, and his second-in-command, the Gikoku Family Shogun, Oran Mandarin. He also cares deeply for the leader of the Denatsu Clan, Raichi Strom. Shen despises the weak, as well as traitors, as seen when he murdered his sister and brother in law for being a blood-traitor and a "weakling", respectively, in cold blood. Shen is noted to be fearless, and courageous, batting an eyelash even at the concept of death. He holds the reputation of the Gikoku Family legacy, as well as that of the Makai Clan, as well as the entirety of the Oka Eritoshin, in very high regard. Shen is somewhat bitter towards allies who don't work directly under him, depending on their active relations with him. Shen is also very proactive and perceptive, often being able to pull strings to benefit him, as well as allowing him to detect even the slightest lie.

Shen enjoys war, regardless of whether he's participating or not, making him susceptible of having a blood-lust, and a craving for violence. He also seems to have an enjoyment in both physical and mental torture, having tortured Sanzu Kane for a thousand days just to see how long he would last, and if he was worthy of keeping alive. Shen can also be extremely brutal to those who do not uphold their end of deals made with him, often sending his subordinates to capture them, capture their loved ones, the latter usually resulting in the head being severed and sent to the failed benefactor, with the only alternatives being the burning down of the benefactor's home, or death, both of which giving signs of his dominance. 

Shen's favourite drink is sake, often bringing a gourd filled with it to occasions such as meetings. This has led to him gaining the habit of crushing glasses filled with wine underneath his gourd, sometimes unaware of there being one there in the first place. Shen has also been known to be a heavy drinker of occassion, and can switch his mood between melancholy and rage in a split second while drunk.

Shen does not like to hear of the future from his lower subordinates. He dislikes having his name mocked, as seen when he told Inara to quit calling him "Shenny". He holds great pride in his ancestry, vowing to reclaim the land his people lost.

Abilities and Gear


  • Fire Manipulation
    • ​Solar Power Manipulation
      • Magnetism Inducement
      • Solar Empowerment
      • Corona Manipulation
      • Solar Infusion
      • Solar Augmentiont
    • Primordial Fire Manipulation
    • Magma Manipulation - An advanced form of Shen's fire manipulation. Unlike regular fire manipulation, he requires magma to use this ability, and thus, cannot create it himself.
    • Heat Manipulation
      • ​Drought Manipulation
    • Smoke Manipulation
      • Smoke Screen
    • Fire Infusion
    • Ghostly Fire Conjuring
      • Small Object Granulation
  • Supernatural Focus
    • Danger Intuition
    • Attack Prediction
  • Vibration Emmission
    • Vibrative Punch
  • Ancestral Seismic Sense
    • Geological Retrocognition
  • Electricity Absorption
    • Electricity-Based Physical Boost
    • Electricity Redirection
    • Lightning Calling
      • ​Lightning Spear Creation
      • Ligntning Bow Creation
        • ​Lightning Arrows
        • Solid Lightning Bow
      • Lightning Broadsword Creation
  • Aura Manipulation
    • ​Aura Detection
    • Aura Generation
    • Aura Attacks
    • Fire Aura

Physical Abilities

  • Supernatural Condition
    • Supernatural Endurance
      • Enhanced Durability
      • Enhanced Vitality
      • Supernatural Survivability
    • Supernatural Leap
      • Air Leap
    • Supernatural Accuracy
    • Supernatural Stamina
    • Supernatural Speed
    • Power Anchoring
    • Enhanced Senses
    • Enhanced Lung Capacity
      • Supernatural Roar
  • Indomitable Will
    • Telekinetic Resistance
    • Inertia Tolerance
    • Psychic Shield
      • Anamnesis
      • Empathic Shield
      • Psionic Shield
      • Mind Reading Resistance
      • Hypnosis Resistance
    • Near-Absolute Memory
    • Pain Supression
    • Will Empowerment
    • Unconcious Mobility
      • ​Sleep Combat
    • Companion Allegiance
    • Accelerated Development
    • Survival Empowerment
      • Determined Strength
    • Intimidating Aura
  • Strong Heart
  • Flight
  • Fire Immunity
  • Air Cutting
  • Blood Doping
    • Power Swelling
      • ​Augumented Strength
      • Bodily Heat Infusion
        • ​Steam Generation
    • ​Strength Calling


  • Sutashin / "Sun God"
  • Unnamed mace
  • Drinking Gourd


  • Tactical Analysis
  • Intuitive Polygraphy
  • Linguistics
    • ​Kylotean
    • Venlish
    • Kratonian
    • Asterian

Opinions and Relationships

  • Oran Mandarin
  • Oka Eritoshin
    • Roed Raithe
    • Hickory Kedamon
    • Doriru Agobiar
    • Zurakiel Ketseuki
    • Kiri Hakase
    • Sanzu Kane
  • Shiro Magala
  • Pedro Senin - Shen expects very highly of Pedro, as the Headliner of the Hyakujū Legion, also known as the "Gifters". While he does admire Pedro's brutality as the Legion's leader, he is also aware of Pedro's fear of him.
  • Hardforth Senton
  • Louxia Chōuyān - Shen views Louxia as an insubordinate traitor for abandonning the Gikoku Family during its golden age. He wants Louxia to be hunted down.
  • Inara Winters - Shen views Inara as an undisciplined brat who cannot appropriately control her region with her existing mental state.
  • Orchus Retaliak - Shen has a very cautious air when around Orchus. He holds great suspicion against him, and often has one of his subordinates keep eye on him at all times.
  • Corazon Alder - Shen trusts Corazon the most out of the six other clan leaders, however, he is also cautious, as he knows Corazon could be dangerous if he turns on the Dominion.
  • Raichi Strom - Shen deeply trusts Raichi due to her great loyalty to him.
  • Kasai and Senbi Tsuin
  • Gore Zanclus
  • Shio Umi
  • Ektara Mandolin
  • Regal Families of Kyloto
    • Ryusei Head
    • Hanabira Head
    • Kai Head
    • Shokuji Head
    • Hodotoi Head
    • Owari Head
    • Gyokuryu Head
    • Atorasu Head
  • Tanzar-Ion Excalvur
  • Excalvur's Migration