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Shanzhu is a country situated in southern Somnus, and borders Hormida, a country that frequently attacks it. Shanzhu is led by an elective council.



Shanzhu is run by a council of ten elected members. Should a space become vacant, an election for a replacement takes place. The council decide on laws across Shanzhu.

As it is the law of the council, each new member is required to renounce their surname, and are not allowed to bear and raise children. Each of them is also given a title based on their profession. Only five of the titles are permament amongst the Council; the Master, Courier, Money-Handler, Keybearer and Bookkeeper.

The council always meet together and preside court in the Council Pantheon, located on Bangwen Hill, in Shanzhu's capital city, Shangu. All members of the council have a secondary home located here.

Current Council Members

The Master Shirong
The Lyricist Moshui
The Courier Gen
The Herbalist Hualin
The Violinist Bao
The Bookkeeper Ling
The Artisan Haiyang
The Keybearer Yun
The Money-Handler Pantu
The Hermit Phade


Native Race

Shanzhuians closely resemble their Haphaen cousins, though their noses are shorter and their eyes are slit.