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Shantar Mott was the founder of the city of Carta. He was publicly executed by Argus, the long-standing current Imperator of the Council of Sabaria. His skeletal corpse, amongst several others remains crucified above the Council's hub, Emineo, in the city of Charybdis, as an "example" to the outsiders.


Founding Carta and the Battle with the Natives

At the age of 19, Shantar left his homeland and explored Sabaria. With the help of several other people of different nationalities, he founded the city of Carta, a settlement for outcasts and those who were otherwise homeless in their homelands. Unfortunately, the building of Carta managed to frustrate the native Sabarians, who were already otherwise extremely xenophobic. The Council of Sabaria started a campaign to destroy Carta, but thankfully, Carta set up its own military to combat the threat. The irate Sabarians continued to make assaults against Carta for several years.

The Sixth Carta-Sabarian Conflict

On a quiet night, one of Carta's lookouts were destroyed by Sabarian forces led by Viceroy Horndahl, under the orders of Imperator Argus. Scoutmaster Rithul Bahjit was killed duting the event. The Sabarians declared their sixth war on Carta.

During the conflict, Ramil, the Sultan's Palace, was torched. Shantar later found himself with a pair of new allies, the Sabarian Narak, and the Novalian explorer, Noland Baltovere, and his crew. The Sabarians were eventually driven out of Carta.

After the conflict's end, Noland left Sabaria with Narak and the rest of their crew, naming themselves the Templar Knights. Before leaving, he bade Shantar farewell. In his gratitude, Shantar gave Noland his beaded necklace, and gave Narak the white staff that was owned by the deceased Scoutmaster.


Some time later, Imperator Argus made a revenge attack on Carta, and personally fought Shantar. Argus was victorious and had Shantar taken to Charybdis, where he was to be executed publicly. Argus allowed Shantar to give his last words, which he yelled out, telling the settlers to continue his legacy. However, he was cut short when an infuriated Argus pierced him through the back and pulled his heart through his chest, showing it to the watching audience, before ripping it out. Argus kept the heart inside a small red box.


The Sabarians later crucified Shantar's body above the Council building of Emineo, to set an example to the settlers. It remains in a skeletal statue due to his flesh decomposing over the many years he was hung there. The settlers rebuilt Ramil as the place of the residence for future leaders, with a statue of Shantar standing in front of it, with a plaque honoring him as a hero as well as the founder of the "Great City of Carta", something which greatly angered the hostile Sabarians. Over the years, Carta increased in size, and established trade connections to the cities of Southpoint, Atlas and Jizen. Noticing the prosperity Carta was recieving, Galahad Arms established a base there and set up B.I.T.E operatives. The current leader of Carta is Najam Desrold.