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The Satsujin Family is the crime family that serves as the head of the Satsujin Double Six, an assassination and expansion organisation.



All children of the Satsujin name are raised to be cold-blooded killers, and are taught in the ways of killing and expanding. If a member of the family were to marry, the marriage partner, regardless of gender, must take on the name of Satsujin. All bastard children are raised under the Satsujin name.

Family Members

First Generation

  • Rokuji Satsujin
  • Undella Satsujin
  • Vista Satsujin
  • ???

Second Generation

  • Garcian Satsujin
  • Heat Satsujin
  • Jecht Satsujin
  • Denali Satsujin
  • Tralius Satsujin
  • Vance Satsujin
  • ???


  • Sora Satsujin
  • Isobell Satsujin