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Sarkies is a mysterious individual of unknown origin who is often seen observing events from a visible distance, while being unnaturally uninvolved in them.



Sarkies appears to have grey-black skin with faint white marks on it. He wears a full set of armour, and wears some kind of black cloak with white markings on it. He wears a helmet and cloth around it, that covers his entire face, the helmet having what seems to be a single eye with a series of bars surrounding it that outstretch to the back, while the cloth seems to be knotted at the back. Despite this covering his entire head, some of his hair, which is considerably long and dark grey in colour, protrudes from the back. He has two pegs on his shoulders where his wings used to be.


Not much is known about Sarkies' personality. He appears to show up out of the blue to watch certain events before disappearing.

Abilities and Gear


Physical Abilities


  • Instant