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Sanzu Kane is a member of the elite Oka Eritoshin of the Dominion of Kyloto. He was born and raised in the Kylotean Badlands.



Sanzu was born in the Kylotean Badlands, and, after reaching adolescence, was forced to fend for himself in the harsh wilderness. He developed a sheer will to survive, and developed an unnatural tolerance to pain. After five years of wandering the wastes, Sanzu found that he possessed the ability to manipulate the very sand around him.

Later, Sanzu found civilisation, and became a member of the Dominion of Kyloto. Shen, taking note of Sanzu's abilities and tolerance to pain, offered him a position amongst his Oka Eritoshin, with a catch. The catch was that Sanzu will be put through a thousand days of endless torture on both the body and the mind. Enforced by his very will to go on, Sanzu survived, at the cost of being no longer able to feel any kind of pain.


Sanzu's appearance is considered unusual, due to the fact that he has burgundy skin, as opposed to the common red, and the rare white and black colourations. His skin colour is a result if his torture at the hands of Shen. He has five horns, three at the front and two at the back of his head. All three of the ones at the front are cracked. The one to the left is chipped. His back horns are both broken.

Sanzu's body is covered mostly in various scars, severe bruises and ice burns, which are all through his savage torture. He also bares several bite marks on his body, obtained by desert wolves, crocodiles and lions. He is missing his right index finger. He has shorty, messy black hair, and beady white eyes, which sometimes glow unnaturally.

He wears baggy dark red dogi pants and dark red spaulder.


Sanzu is completely unhinged and often acts irrationally and erratically, and often changes moods on the fly. He is implied to be cannibalistic, both in realism and in psychology.

Abilities and Gear


  • Sand Manipulation
    • Psammokinetic Constructs
    • Burying
    • Sand Surfing
    • Psammokinetic Invisibility
    • Psammokinetic Regeneration
    • Sand Mimicry
    • Rock-Based Sand Transmutation
    • Sandstorm Creation
    • Desert Adaptation
    • Motor-Skill Manipulation
    • Seismic Sense
      • Enhanced Awareness
    • Abacomancy
    • Psammoportation
    • Dehydration Inducement

Physical Abilities

  • Pain Immunity
  • Indomitable Will