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The Sack of the East Riverlands is a conflict between the Dominion of Kyloto and the Resistance and a portion of the Acua Clan. The conflict sees Kitsuke's attempts to liberate the Acua Clan and add their forces to his.




  • The captured Resistance forces and Acua Clan defectors are executed.
  • The captured guards and retainers of Shio Umi are slaughtered and strung above Mizuoh as examples.
  • The Hidden Lake Palace is burned down.
  • Pescador Suiryoku is instated as new Grand Master of the Acua Clan. This change in leadership also results in a new doctrine approach in the Acua Clan, in order to build relationships with the rest of the Dominion.
  • Kitsuke adds the forces gained from the Acua Clan to the Resistance. Despite losses, the numbers of their overall forces are doubled.
  • The younger Langley is given a funeral at sea.
  • Avaloss Voldin heads to Hardforth Veerlan to be upgraded.
  • Kakusu Shigane is kept as a prisoner to the Resistance.