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Sabaria, known as "Vesper Sabari" in the Sabari language, is a remote desert island found in the continent of Helios.



Sabaria is divided by two separate governments. The larger of the two is the country's occupants, the golem-like Sabarians, while the smaller of the two is comprised of several hundred settlers who have built the city of Carta, to the chagrin of the natives.


The Sabarians are run by the Sabari Third Host, which is comprised of ten authoritative figures led by an elected leader, the Imperator, who also has his/her own vice, giving a total of twelve seats in the council.

Round Council of Vesper Sabari

  • Imperator Seat - Argus
  • Viceroy Seat - Horndahl
  • Seat - Conem
  • Seat - Gyorn
  • Seat - Baltov
  • Seat - Tox
  • Seat - Mallus
  • Seat - Egorre
  • Seat - Cyrne
  • Seat - Arton
  • Seat - Moddt
  • Seat - Zann

The Council is the primary authoritative figure in Sabaria, being allowed to decide the laws of its country on a whim. They are allowed to pass ultimate punishment on criminals and innocents alike, no matter whether they are found guilty or not.

In the event that a seat becomes abdicated, the seat must be filled quickly. Likewise, the seat belonging to the Viceroy is also in need of filling in the case it becomes vacant. If the placement of the Imperator becomes vacant, the absolute control of the country falls back to the council until the coming August, where a new Imperator is administered. In this event, the former Viceroy is given the elected leader's former seat, while the elected leader chooses his own Viceroy from the Council, meaning that the one seat left over must be filled.

The Imperator has the authority to overlook the rules of the rest of the council, and has the power to initiate conflict with others, such as their enemies, the settlers. The Vice can gain temporary power should the Imperator be preoccupied, however, the Viceroy does not as many rights, this is to prevent treachery or pointless warfarring.



Native Race

The Sabari are grey golem-like beings. All of them have short, stubby feet, and arms connected to their round bodies via cuboid joints. Their heads have no distinguishing features aside from a pair of lights for eyes, and one or two unique patterns, which cover other parts of their bodies as well. Sometimes, they have flora growing over their bodies.

The native language of the Sabarians is "Sabari", which they also use to refer to their species. They refer to all other races as "Flesh Kind" or simply "Men". Raising hatchlings from eggs is condemned by the Round Council. Instead, eggs are commonly taken as home ornaments by Sabarians.