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The Sabari First Host, also known as the First Great Civilisation, was a collection of Sabari who came to found the first civilisation on Aether. It gets its name for being presided by the very first official court of Sabari, which denotes the council led by Tethys as the "Sabari Second Host", and the council led by Argus as the "Sabari Third Host". It is believed to be extinct, having vanished mysteriously 3000 years ago, an event that saw the foundation of the Second Host.

The First Host's best achievement was its capability. Compared to modern Sabari, the First Host were able to produce machines and weapons using stone and metal, which they used against both the Azoth Army and the Templar Order in the Old War. Traces of this technology still exist across Aether. Their absence caused a massive technological decline in both the Sabari and the rest of the world as a whole, which has since allowed countries such as Venland and Novalia to contend with their technological prowess.



The Old War

After the Old War