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The Sabari Automata is a series of ancient automata built by the Sabari First Host. Most of them have since fallen into disrepair or inactivity. Some are known to awaken, through a variety of methods, and are capable of causing trouble if left unchecked. Roscoe Robbie's modified Sabari Autom-Oven, Lomei, is a notable example from the line.



The very first Sabari Automata were built using the hearts of Sabari who were considered "cowards" for their reluctance to fight. The cores that resulted from them became the batteries that powered their systems.

Later, Moira found a way to bypass harvesting her own people to build them, attempting to use many different resources, including the organs of animals and other races. Eventually, her people discovered the mineral known as Zathurite, which gave off similar capacities to Sabari organs.

The Old War


Some time following the Old War and the First Host's disappearance, the Automata worldwide fell dormant, with many falling into disrepair thanks to their enviromental exposure. Some have been known to sporadically awaken on their own, or if approached or touched.

A temple was built over a Sabari Junkyard, filled with many damaged and broken models, on the orders of a Pharaoh long ago, and the site became the hideout of the Forty Thieves after the temple fell into disrepair itself. Roscoe Robbie, a current member of the band, harvests technology from this Junkyard to build his own tools.


Sabari Autom Sentry Unit I, Model: Challenger

Sabari Autom Sentry Unit II, Model: Scout

Sabari Autom Sentry Unit III, Model: Soldier

Sabari Autom Sentry Unit IV, Model: Warrior

Sabari Autom Sentry Unit V, Model: Centurion

Sabari Autom Guardian Unit

Sabari Autom Sky Survey Unit

Sabari Autom Landwalker Unit

Sabari Autom Skywatcher Unit

Sabari Autom Driller Unit

Sabari Autom Catapult Unit

Sabari Autom-Oven Unit

Decayed Units


Due to their dormant states, they are mostly treated similarly to ancient architecture, sometimes due to them being mistaken for actual statues. Oftentimes they are left alone.

Active units tend to be hostile due to their alignment with the Sabari First Host. Some Sentry Units are generally neutral due to being built as combat training machines.



Physical Abilities


Sabari Autom Sentry Units I-V

  • Sword Proficiency
  • Shield Proficiency
  • Battle Axe Proficiency
  • Combat Prowess
  • Turret Fire

Sabari Autom Guardian Unit

  • All-Terrain Mobility
  • Turret Fire

Sabari Autom Sky Survey Unit

  • Flight
  • Patrol Proficiency
  • Turret Fire

Sabari Autom-Oven Unit

  • Low-Level Flight
  • Furnace Proficiency
  • Crafting Potential