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The Sabari Archipelago is a collection of islands located in the Great Unknown. It is feared due to the fact that their natives are mostly hostile, something that gives meaning to the Great Unknown's name, as explorers to this land tend to never return. Rego Sabari is ruled by an Imperator, while the others are led over by Procurators. The inhabitants of Sabaria in Helios, know to them as Vesper Sabari, originated from these islands, having been led there by the colonist, Junos.


Rego Sabari

Rego Sabari is the largest of the islands in the Archipelago, and the furthest north. It is the location of the Sabari Second Host. Its ruler, Imperator Tethys, has practical control over the entire collective of islands.

Parrum Sabari

Parrum Sabari is the smallest of the islands in the Archipelago, and the furthest south.

Bellos Sabari

Bellos Sabari is the second largest island within the Archipelago, and is the rockiest.

Porro Sabari

Porro is the middle sized island in the Archipelago, and the furthest east.

Ora Sabari

Ora Sabari is the second smallest island in the Archipelago.



Native Race

The Sabari are grey golem-like beings. All of them have short, stubby feet, and arms connected to their round bodies via cuboid joints. Their heads have no distinguishing features aside from a pair of lights for eyes, and one or two unique patterns, which cover other parts of their bodies as well. Sometimes, they have flora growing over their bodies. Their patterns vary between island.