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Sabal-Ion Enoshima was a head of the Enoshima Family, and was a renowned legendary blacksmith, having constructed six swords of great power.


Early History

Sabal-Ion was born into the Enoshima Family. He inherited his blacksmith skills from his father. At some period of time, a meteorite fell down from the sky into the Kylotean Badlands, where it was found by Sabal-Ion, who took it to his workshop, which was located in a far away land. He used the unknown metals found inside the fallen meteorite to create six blades. He imbued each of them with a power by using a collection of scrolls he found. The swords were considered unique, as they could never dull, and were enchanted to enhance their durability.

The Compedium War

When Keimusho Gikoku began his conquest to take over Helios as a cornerstone for his growing legion, Sabal-Ion was initially drafted into the armies by force, with Keimusho reckoning Sabal-Ion's sword combat skills and craftsmanship would give him a good assest in crushing his two enemies, Venland and Haphae. To Keimusho's great annoyance, however, Sabal-Ion quickly resigned from his newly designated post and left Kyloto, intent on gathering allies to stop the monsterous Gikoku patriarch.

Sabal-Ion travelled all the way to Venland, where he became allies with Nearan Visarion. Together, the combined forces attacked Kyloto in a battle that eventually led to Keimusho's death. He was considered to be brother-in-arms of Nearan. 

Later History

Some years later, Sabal-Ion was bedridden with a fatal illness. On his deathbed, Sabal-Ion passed on his knowledge to his designated successor, Kabuto.


Kabuto passed Sabal-Ion's knowledge down to his son, Tanzar-Ion, before his death at the hands of Shen Gikoku, whose growing Dominion found one of Sabal-Ion's legendary swords. Before his capture, Tanzar-Ion passed down some of his knowledge to his three children, and entrusted each of them with one of the legendary swords before ordering them to flee Kyloto. He was unable to disclose the location of Sabal-Ion's workshop, though it was later discovered by Angel-Ion, Tanzar-Ion's son.



Abilities and Gear


  • Advanced Blacksmith Skills
  • Advanced Craftsmanship
  • Object-Based Power Bestowal


  • Sutashin / "Sun God"
  • Kagero / "Haze Heat"
  • Yukiha / "Snow Blade"
  • Sekken / "Earth Bane"
  • Furyoku / "Wind Sail"
  • Akikage / "Felled Shadow"