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Ryloth Onyx is the leader of the Pirate Empire, a confederation of united pirate crews serving under his flags, and is thus Pirate King, while also serving as the Captain of the Black Stone Pirates. He hails from the Great Unknown, and has explored seven of Aether's eight seas.




Ryloth is a merciless and confident warrior and leader who never misses an opportunity to gain an advantage in conflict, and is often prone to bring more forces than necessary into battle. Ryloth seems to harbor a general sense of unconcern for most things outside of the members of his pirate army, which seems to include the very nature the world around him. He also desires excitement and chaos. He is considered to ve very reckless at times.

Ryloth is also pitiless and not open to negotiations or excuses, making it unwise to provoke or underestimate him. He is very prideful in his achievements, having a personal collection of "favourite islands", all of which are guarded by either the White Castle Mafia (Enlace Island only) or the Murder of Crows Squad (All other islands under the Pirate Empire's control).

He has vitriolic sexual activities, often raping women so that he can force them to bear his children, who are often raised to serve the crew. Ryloth is diplomatic, often using his daughters in his bid to unite pirate crews and even other groups, in order to bring them under his flags via marriage. He is known to discard any son birthed with his blood by throwing them into the sea.

Abilities and Gear


  • Vibration Manipulation
    • Vibration Infusion
    • Vibration Emmission
    • Vibration Negation
    • Vibration Absorption
    • Vibration Aura
    • Vibration Empowerment
    • Shockwave Generation
      • Shockwave Clap
      • Shockwave Stomp
    • Concussive Force
    • Seismic Sense
    • Sonic Shout

Physical Abilities


  • Alboroto


  • Diplomatic Expertise


Ryloth is known to have sex with several women, either consensual or via rape, mostly to acquire children from them. As he only requires daughters, he has been known to toss his newborn sons into the sea. He has been known to have several women pregnant at once. He has 48 children confirmed alive.

His daughters exist to ensure deals with those allied with him remain, and that his blood carries on should their children inherit the allied party.

Known Daughters

  • Sarko Onyx (1st)
  • Jupiter Onyx (2nd)
  • Prometheus Onyx (3rd)
  • Josephine Onyx (4th)
  • Zephyr Onyx (5th)
  • Rosemary Onyx (6th)
  • Asmodeus Onyx (7th)
  • Francisca Onyx (8th)
  • Ruki Onyx (9th)
  • Yuki Onyx (10th)
  • Draconis Onyx (11th)
  • Twelve Onyx (12th)
  • Delphys Onyx (13th)
  • Jade Onyx (14th)
  • Daphne Onyx (15th)
  • Elizabeth Onyx (16th)
  • Ruby Onyx (17th)
  • Sapphire Onyx (18th)
  • Emerald Onyx (19th)
  • Topaz Onyx (20th)
  • Hariet Onyx (21st)
  • Several Unnamed Daughters