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Ryker Zolus is the current Warden of Kaito Grand Prison, and a former Commodore in the Royal Kratonian Military.


Zolus was formerly part of the Royal Kratonian Military, where he managed to attain the title of Commodore. Zolus became known for personally chasing down criminals, even if they fled to sea. At some point, he transferred himself to Kaito Grand Prison, which was faced with a high amount of jailbreaks. Shortly after his transfer, he was appointed as the prison's warden, and managed to bring every single active escapee back to the prison. Later, he made arrangements to tighten security around the prison, including the building of the prison's Sentry Wall.



When working in the Grand Prison, Zolus is extremely strict, and abides by the laws of Kratonia, as well as the requirements and code of conduct of the prison itself. He is known to be very ruthless with potential escapees, and has been known to actually chase down those who escape, a trait he retains from his days in the Royal Military, where he was known to personally hunt down criminals to the country, even if it meant by sea.

Abilities and Gear


  • Wind Manipulation
    • Smoke Manipulation
      • Smoke Regeneration
      • Smoke Aura
      • Smoke Mimicry
      • Typhokinetic Combat
      • Typhoportation
      • Elemental Flight
      • Jet Propulsion

Physical Abilities


  • Shiroi/"White Dragon"