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Ruselt Visarion is one of the two Princes of Venland.


Early Years

Ruselt was born seconds before Luther, and developed his father's traits as he grew up. As he was now first in line for the Venlish throne, he was given priority over Luther, who was coaxed into a different education system.

During the attack on Savorden, Ruselt and Luther were kept in their chambers. Cetera suddenly came bursting in and took them through a network of secret tunnels which allowed them to exit Savorden. They then drove to an airship, which was disguised as a Canorican trade vessel.


Ruselt has bright blue eyes, slightly more tanned skin (for a Venlon), and brown hair that is spiked up at the front.


Ruselt, despite his specialised education, suffers from anger issues, which often result in violent outbursts with his aggressors. This has lead him to become involved in many fights. When in a violent rage, he is often oblivious to the damage he is causing his targets, and as a result he has been close to killing several people.

Despite this, he is incredibly protective of his brother Luther, and will act selflessly to keep him safe from harm. Due to his more emotional tendancies however, he can act very rashly and without forethought. Nevertheless, he isn't a complete idiot, and possesses a unique low-cunning.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Determined
  • Protective


  • Emotional
  • Short-sighted

Abilities and Gear


  • Fire Manipulation (Weak) - Though Ruselt has moderate control over fire, he is much less competant than Luther.

Physical Abilities


  • Unnamed Falchion
  • Galahad Arms Grade-B Pistol


  • Swordsmanship