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Runisia is one of the most mysterious countries in Helios, and is a leading power in the world of magic. They are a neutral country that often avoids most large conflicts.


Runisia's history is shrouded in mystery, with only few hard facts being known and accepted. It was established by an extremely powerful Runisian mage, which the royal family has descended from, but anything before it's establishment is unknown.


Runisia is a consitutional monarchy, however, the King and royal family still holds quite a bit of political power, rather than being a symbol. The King and Parliament work hand in hand together, able to coordinate quite well. 



The Runisian Military focuses mainly on defense for their country, rather than attacking. They use the mountains to their advantage, able to easily defend their country from attackers. Their military is quite large despite often not needing to use it excessively.

  • 282,870 Soldiers
  • 296,370 Field Mages
  • 5,000 Special Forces
  • 300 Long range Artillery Guns (600 Personel)
  • 596,640 Army Personel in total.


Runisia only has one city on the coast, and has a fairly small navy because of this. 

  • 300 Gunboats (3,000 Personel)
  • 18 Submarines (360 Personel)
  • 3,360 Navy Personel in total.


Runisia's climate varietes heavily depending on where you are. North Runisia is extremely hot, nearing the equator. South Runisia is much colder, almost as cold as Kratonia. The West is warm but not hot due to being on the coast, while the East is fairly temperate.


Runisia focuses more on magic, but due to exports with friendly countries, their technology isnt too far behind. They even have technology that is far beyond what they can make. Their technology is akin to the Industrial Age during the 1840's in Earth's history. Their magic prowess far exceeds the technology they have however. 

Native Race

Runisians are a very complex and strange race. Their consciousness is a stone like core that is generally small and in the middle of their chest. The core varies in shape depending on the Runisian, and can be white, gray, or black. The core holds vast magical energy inside it which creates a body of sorts. This body can vary in appearence, and cannot be changed by the Runisian after the first time the body forms, in the child stage. They grow size wise normally to other human races, but as they reach 50 their growing and aging process slows down. 

Their appearences are very varied. All Runisians have glowing skin, which varies in colour. (Blueshift being the rarest). Their hair, though generally a darker colour, is also glowing with the same energy found in their bodies. Many Runisians physically appear very human, save for the glowing skin, and hair. Some Runisians however have very featureless faces, and have black marks denoting the shapes of their eyes, mouths and nostrils. 

Their whole body is kept together by an insivible shell of sorts, and if punctured starts to leak magical energy, causing the Runisian to soon have to retreat to their core to regenerate. Runisian's can live up to 200 years on average, but take 21 months in the "incubation" period. Most Runisians have an extreme intuition and aptitude for magic.