Roscoe Robbie is a member of the Forty Thieves, having been a member before Conleth took over as its leader. Despite his affiliations, he is renowned for his knowledge of the Sabari First Host, which he has studied for years.




Despite his status, Roscoe is not as invested as the rest of the Forty Thieves, but nonetheless provides them with equipment and other tools to use for their raids. He has great interest in ancient history, and closely studies the Sabari First Host, which is known for being the First Great Civilisation.

He has an affinity and love for automatons, such as his own modified Sabari Autom-Oven, Lomei.

Abilities and Gear


Physical Abilities


  • First Host Bladesaw
  • First Host Welding Torch
  • First Host Great Spear


  • Ancient History Knowledge
  • Engineering Intuition
    • First Host Crafting Intuition
    • Weapons Intuition
  • Text-Based Linguistics
    • Sabari