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Roed Raithe is a member of the elite Oka Eritoshin of the Dominion of Kyloto.



Roed has three typical Kylotean horns on his forehead, but they are unnaturally short. His eyes are surrounded by black blotches. The most unnatural part of Roed's body is the large third eye on his forehead, which has a jet black large pupil and no irises. This eye is surrounded by gold brackets above and below it. This eye never blinks, and has an eerie glow whenever his cognitive power is in use. He usually keeps this eye hidden with bandages wrapping around his head.

Roed wears a sandy-coloured hooded cloak and Arabian clothing, including an undershirt, baggy pants and a belted robe.


Abilities and Gear


  • Eye Magic
    • Precognition
      • Death Sense
    • Retrocognition
      • ​History Reading
    • Clairvoyance
    • Vision Projection
    • Enhanced Vision
      • 360-Degree Vision
      • Invisibility Awareness
      • Night Vision
      • Illusion Vision
      • Electromagnetic Vision
    • Visual Linking
    • Optic Blast
    • Psychokinesis

Physical Abilities


  • Mirai/"Future"
  • Kako/"Past"